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The Translation Studies Reader

The Translation Studies Reader

The Translation Studies Reader

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Guiding the reader through the varying approaches to translation studies in the latter half of the 20th century, this volume is chronologically ordered and divided into clear sections. It collects together key essays, articles and book extracts.

The Translation Studies Reader Résumé

The Translation Studies Reader provides a definitive survey of the most important and influential developments in translation theory and research, with an emphasis on twentieth-century developments. With introductory essays prefacing each section, the book places a wide range of seminal and innovative readings within their thematic, cultural and historical contexts.
This second edition of this classic reader has been fully revised and updated. Venuti has also extended the selection to include key pre-twentieth-century texts, adding a historical dimension. Other new readings expand the range of theoretical discourses and practical applications covered, exploring the influence of translation studies beyond its traditional boundaries, in fields such as philosophy, sociology and film studies.

The Translation Studies Reader Avis

'There is no other book out there that could fulfil the same function it is both eminently useful and attractively presented it's hard to imagine anyone teaching a course on translation studies without assigning this book to students as a core text.' - Susan Bernofsky, Bard College, New York; 'By far the best book on the market if you want a reader compiled with a view to general representability outstanding.' - Lars Sauerberg, University of Southern Denmark

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Larry Venuti, professor of English at Temple University, USA, is a translation theorist and historian as well as a translator.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; Foundational Statements; 1. Jerome Letter to Pammachius Translated - Kathleen Davis; 2. Nicolas Perrot D'Ablancourt Prefaces to Tacitus and Lucian Translated - Lawrence Venuti; 3. John Dryden From the Preface to Ovid's Epistles; 4. Friedrich Schleiermacher On the Different Methods of Translating Translated - Susan Bernofsky; 5. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Translations Translated - Sharon Sloan; 6. Friedrich Nietzsche Translations Translated - Walter Kaufmann; 1900s-1930s; 7. Walter Benjamin The Task of the Translator Translated - Harry Zohn Steven Rendall, A note on Harry Zohn's translation; 8. Ezra Pound Guido's Relations; 9. Jorge Luis Borges The Translators of The One Thousand and One Nights Translated - Esther Allen; 1940s-1950s; 10. Vladimir Nabokov Problems of Translation: Onegin in English; 11. Jean-Paul Vinay and Jean Darbelnet A Methodology for Translation Translated - Juan C. Sager and M.-J. Hamel; 12. Roman Jakobson On Linguistic Aspects of Translation; 1960s-1970s; 13. Eugene Nida Principles of Correspondence; 14. Katharina Reiss Type, Kind and Individuality of Text: Decision Making in Translation Translated - Susan Kitron; 15. James S. Holmes The Name and Nature of Translation Studies; 16. George Steiner The Hermeneutic Motion; 17. Itamar Even-Zohar The Position of Translated Literature within the Literary Polysystem; 18. Gideon Toury The Nature and Role of Norms in Translation; 1980s; 19. Hans J. Vermeer Skopos and Commission in Translation Theory Translated - Andrew Chesterman; 20. Andre Lefevere Mother Courage's Cucumbers: Text, System and Refraction in a Theory of Literature; 21. Philip E. Lewis The Measure of Translation Effects; 22. Antoine Berman Translation and the Trials of the Foreign Translated - Lawrence Venuti; 23. Shoshana Blum-Kulka Shifts of Cohesion and Coherence in Translation; 24. Lori Chamberlain Gender and the Metaphorics of Translation; 1990s and beyond; 25. Annie Brisset The Search for a Native Language: Translation and Cultural Identity Translated - Rosalind Gill and Roger Gannon; 26. Gayatri Spivak The Politics of Translation; 27. Kwame Anthony Appiah Thick Translation; 28. Keith Harvey Translating Camp Talk: Gay Identities and Cultural Transfer; 29. Jacques Derrida What Is a Relevant Translation? Translated - Lawrence Venuti; 30. Abe Mark Nornes For an Abusive Subtitling; 31. Ian Mason Text Parameters in Translation: Transitivity and Institutional Cultures; 32. Lawrence Venuti Translation, Community, Utopia; Bibliography; Index

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The Translation Studies Reader
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