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The Art of Punctuation Noah Lukeman

The Art of Punctuation par Noah Lukeman

The Art of Punctuation Noah Lukeman

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The Art of Punctuation Résumé

The Art of Punctuation Noah Lukeman

Punctuation can make all the difference between a good piece of writing and a superb piece of writing. In The Art of Punctuation, Noah Lukeman explores and demystifies each punctuation mark in turn. From the punchiness of the full stop to the unacknowledged flexibility of the question mark, the manifold powers of punctuation are revealed in this practical yet engaging guide. All kinds of writers will find invaluable tips to help improve their clarity of thinking and expression of ideas. The Art of Punctuation will teach writers how to use punctuation to the greatest effect, regardless of the context in which they are writing. Real examples from all types of well-known writers past and present are used to illustrate specific points. Each chapter also contains practical exercises to help writers get to grips with their own writing following the advice given in the book, making it ideal of use alongside creative writing courses and for teachers. Written by a well-known and respected author of books on creative writing, The Art of Punctuation is the essential guide to using punctuation creatively and effectively.


Part I: The Triumvirate; 1. The Full Stop; 2. The Comma; 3. The Semicolon; Part II: Into the Limelight; 4. The Colon; 5. The Dash and Brackets; 6. Quotation Marks; 7. The Paragraph and Section Break; Part III: Proceed with Caution; 8. The Question Mark, Exclamation Mark, Italics, Ellipsis and Hyphen; Epilogue: The Symphony of Punctuation

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The Art of Punctuation Noah Lukeman
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