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Language and Gender Mary Talbot (University of Sunderland)

Language and Gender par Mary Talbot (University of Sunderland)

Language and Gender Mary Talbot (University of Sunderland)

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Language and Gender Résumé

Language and Gender Mary Talbot (University of Sunderland)

Since its first publication in 1998, Mary Talbot's Language and Gender has been a leading textbook, popular with students for its accessibility and with teachers for the range and depth it achieves in a single volume. This anticipated third edition has been thoroughly revised and updated for the era of #MeToo, genderqueer, Trump, and cyberhate.

The book is organized into three parts. An introductory section provides grounding in early 'classic' studies in the field. In the second section, Talbot examines language used by women and men in a variety of speech situations and genres. The last section considers the construction and performance of gender in discourse, reflecting the interest in mass media and popular culture found in recent research, as well as the preoccupation with social change that is central to Critical Discourse Analysis. Maintaining an emphasis on recent research, Talbot covers a range of approaches at an introductory level, lucidly presenting sometimes difficult and complex issues. Each chapter concludes with a list of recommended readings, enabling students to further their interests in various topics.

Language and Gender will continue to be an essential textbook for undergraduates and postgraduates in linguistics, sociolinguistics, cultural and media studies, gender studies and communication studies.

Language and Gender Avis

The author moves smoothly and coherently from more traditional approaches to language and gender through to very recent research in areas such as discourse and consumerism, and language, gender and sexuality. Different approaches, including Critical Discourse Analysis and social constructionism, are demonstrated, and difficult concepts are clearly and comprehensibly presented. Mary Talbot's own research enriches and enlivens the discussion throughout. The text is extensively illustrated with interesting examples, many of which are taken from recent published research, thus introducing students to relevant and authentic material.
Janet Holmes, Victoria University of Wellington

À propos de Mary Talbot (University of Sunderland)

Mary Talbot is an internationally acclaimed scholar who has published widely on language, gender and power, particularly in relation to media and consumer culture.


20 years on... Preface to the third edition


Transcription conventions

PART I: Preliminaries: Airing Stereotypes and Early Models

1 Language and gender

2 Talking proper

3 'Women's language' and 'man made language'

PART II: Interaction among Women and Men

4 Telling stories

5 Conversation

6 Difference-and-dominance and beyond

PART III: Discourse and Gender: Construction and Performance

7 Critical perspectives on gender identity

8 Consumerism

9 New men and old boys

10 Professionally speaking

11 Language, gender and sexuality

12 Reclaiming the language



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Language and Gender Mary Talbot (University of Sunderland)
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