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The Silent Child Laurent Danon-Boileau

The Silent Child par Laurent Danon-Boileau

The Silent Child Laurent Danon-Boileau

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Presents an examination of how children with pathology ranging from autism to asphasia find their way towards speech. Drawing upon six individual case studies, this book proposes that the causes of this disability are generally manifold; never purely cognitive or purely psychological.

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The Silent Child Laurent Danon-Boileau

A detailed examination of how children with pathology ranging from autism to asphasia find their way towards speech. The author emphasizes that a child's trouble can stem from different causes: there are neurological problems similar to those of aphasia; there are cognitive impairments; and, of course, there are psychological disorders. Professor Danon-Boileau argues that language disorders today are too often considered from one particular point of view-sometimes psychological, sometimes neurological. In order to understand the possible causes of, and solutions to, these disorders, it is necessary to take into account the interaction of these two elements. Those who have effectively worked with speechless children know all too well that their pathology and behaviour do not necessarily fit into general nosographic descriptive categories. The originality of this book is that it gives a concrete and precise narrative of six individual case studies and tries to draw general conclusions from both a linguistic and a psychoanalytic point of view, thus reflecting the wide-ranging expertise of the author. It will be essential reading for professionals within the field of psychoanalysis and speech therapy; academics and students in language acquisition, speech therapy, and developmental psychology; as well as parents who are concerned with their children's language development.

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Danon-Boileau offers some useful thoughts on how language is acquired, the relationship between speaking, reading and writing and the importance of each, and some interesting ways of reaching children with these problems Times Higher Education Supplement


1. What Game Are We Playing?; 2. Thinking Without Words; 3. Seeking One's Own Language; 4. Word and Gesture; 5. Reality and Fiction; 6. Speaking a Broken Language; 7. What is 'Quality' in Language?; Conclusion; Some Ideas from the Back of My Mind

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The Silent Child Laurent Danon-Boileau
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