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How to Make Money Scriptwriting Julian Friedmann

How to Make Money Scriptwriting par Julian Friedmann

How to Make Money Scriptwriting Julian Friedmann

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Many scriptwriters can be more interested at first in being a writer than in the nuts and bolts of the business. This book offers all scriptwriters the opportunity to see that writing is a real profession and a serious way to earn money with a businesslike approach to it as a career.

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How to Make Money Scriptwriting Julian Friedmann

Many books discuss how to write better scripts, but how should the scriptwriter successfully deal with the business side of the profession? This is an insider's guide to the way in which scripts can become deals and ultimately go into production, includes information on identifying what audiences want, tips on pitching ideas and scripts, handling meetings to get what you want, negotiating contracts and establishing copyright.

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'Friedmann knows what he is talking about, which he does in a witty and entertaining way, informing without patronising. Go and buy it.' - Film Review; A practical guide to the business that covers how you should deal with producers and agents a good read - Screenwriter Magazine


The politics of being a writer; creativity - understanding the sources of ideas; the writer as a business person; writing treatents that work; the step outline; markets; life's a pitch; criticism and rewriting; script editing and script reports; the psychology and physiology of emotion in audiences; ratings and audience research; interactive multimedia; agents - how to get, use, fire or do without one; handling meetings; negotiating; a basic agreement - the importance of legal awareness; protecting your work; financial survival; research; examples of negotiations with producers; sample deal memos; a brief A-Z of law and contracts; WG/PACT minimum terms agreement.

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How to Make Money Scriptwriting Julian Friedmann
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