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Power Talk Joanna Thornborrow

Power Talk par Joanna Thornborrow

Power Talk Joanna Thornborrow

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Examines discourse, power and ideology, by introducing perspectives on the relationship between social structures of power and interaction. This work argues that if a clearer understanding of the relationship between language, discourse and social institutions is to be obtained, the linguistic processes must be examined closely.

Power Talk Résumé

Power Talk: Language and Interaction in Institutional Discourse Joanna Thornborrow

The concept of social power, who holds it and how they use it is a widely debated subject particularly in the field of discourse analysis, and the wider arena of sociolinguistics.

In her new book,Joanna Thornborrow challenges the received notion that power is necessarily held by some speakers and not by others. Through the detailed analysis of communication and interaction within a range of institutional settings, she examines power as an emerging, negotiated phenomenon between participants with different status and goals.

Written in a clear style which combines attention to technical detail with accessibility, Power Talk includes:

  • a comprehensive introduction to the theme of power including the analytic approaches to power in language
  • a wide-ranging discussion of theory and practice
  • and, in-depth contemporary case studies.

Power Talk

is the first book to focus on the topic of power in situated interaction across a range of contexts. As such, it makes a timely, and important contribution to the debate surrounding social power and language use, and will be of value to both students and researchers alike.

Power Talk Avis

...'a welcome addition to the debate on the relationship between language and power, especially as it is not written from a single theoretical perspective...'

'Thornborrow's attempt to move debates into 'a more empirical domain' is one of the strengths of the book.'

Joanna Thornborrow. Power in Talk: Language and Interaction in Institutional Discourse

À propos de Joanna Thornborrow

Joanna Thornborrow is Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Language and Communication Research at Cardiff University. She is widely published, recently guest-editing a special issue of Discourse Studies with Theo Van Leeuwen on authenticity in media discourse, and is co-author of Patterns in Language: An Introduction to Language and Literary Style with ShA (R)n Wareing. She is a founder member, and co-organiser, of the Ross Priory Seminar Group on Broadcast Talk.


1. Power, talk and institutional discourse: some key concepts 2. Perspectives on power: approaches to the critical analysis of language and interaction 3. Institutional discourse as asymmetrical talk: power and the orderly interaction in a police interview 4. Questions and control: managing talk in a radio phone-in 5. Resources for control: discursive strategies in media interviews 6. Participation and control: the organisation of classroom discussion talk 7. Power and institutional interaction: some conclusions BibliographyIndex

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Power Talk: Language and Interaction in Institutional Discourse Joanna Thornborrow
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