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SLA Applied Brian Tomlinson (University of Liverpool)

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SLA Applied par Brian Tomlinson (University of Liverpool)

SLA Applied Brian Tomlinson (University of Liverpool)

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This book introduces research-based SLA acquisition theories and provides practical suggestions for applying them to language learning courses in relation to their syllabus, materials, methodology, and assessment. It is written to be engaging and relevant for students, researchers and practitioners.

SLA Applied Résumé

SLA Applied: Connecting Theory and Practice Brian Tomlinson (University of Liverpool)

This singular new textbook is both an introduction to the major theories of second language acquisition and a practical proposal for their application to language learning courses. It explains and evaluates these theories, and focuses on recent research that has enriched thinking about the best ways to facilitate communicative effectiveness in an L2. It then suggests practical applications regarding language planning, curriculum development, pedagogy, materials development, teacher development, and assessment, establishing a tangible connection between theory and practice. Unlike many SLA books which are narrowly focused on the acquisition of language, it explores the roles of factors such as pragmatics, para-linguistic signals, gesture, semiotics, multi-modality, embodied language, and brain activity in L2 communication. SLA Applied connects research-based theories to the authors' and students' real-life experiences in the classroom, and stimulates reflection and creativity through the inclusion of Readers' Tasks in every chapter. This engaging and relevant text is suitable for students in Applied Linguistics or TESOL courses, trainee teachers, researchers, and practitioners.

SLA Applied Avis

'In a refreshingly innovative look at what actually leads to communicative effectiveness in L2, Tomlinson and Masuhara connect research with practical guidance for teachers and learners of language. This highly accessible textbook should be of keen interest both to researchers, teacher educators, teachers, and writers of curricular materials. The reader is challenged by thought-provoking questions and tasks throughout the book.' Andrew D. Cohen, University of Minnesota
'Written in a comprehensive, inclusive and authoritative style, this book provides in-depth coverage of some of the major theories informing SLA research. However, it does so much more than simply cover the theoretical ground. It offers teaching practitioners an informed and insightful means to convert theory into practical application in their own context. It's a volume that every teacher who wishes to be professionally aware will want to have on his or her bookshelf.' Anne Burns, University of New South Wales
'The sub-title of the latest book from Brian Tomlinson and Hitomi Masuhara, 'Connecting Theory and Practice' is entirely appropriate. Both authors have collaborated before on several publications aiming to show the mutual interplay of SLA theory and practice, and this volume is another very successful outcome. It presents a comprehensive but accessible overview of the latest SLA research together with a balanced set of relevant pedagogic applications, with many ideas drawn from the authors' own wide experience. It should be on the bookshelf of all second language teachers, trainers, and curriculum specialists as a valuable reference resource.' Chris Kennedy, University of Birmingham
'The divide of decades that existed between SLA and the classroom has finally experienced effective bridging! A thought-provoking reference that will especially help undergraduates grasp early in their education, the connections between SLA theory and practice.' Jayakaran Mukundan, Universiti Putra Malaysia
'Tomlinson and Masuhara masterfully present SLA theory and showcase its pedagogical applications in this new book. Written in an engaging and approachable style, with abundant real-world examples and up-to-date evidence on how second languages are processed and acquired, this book is sure to meet the needs of both researchers and teachers.' Stephen Fafulas, University of Mississippi
'Establishing a lucid connection between theory and practical application is no small task. In this book, Tomlinson and Masuhara succeed in bridging this important gap, illustrating the relevance of SLA theory in the classroom setting. This book is an especially helpful guide to educators seeking to engage more with SLA theory. A valuable contribution to the field.' Michael T. Putnam


Preface; Introduction; 1. Input; 2. Intake Part One - Theory; 3. Intake Part Two - The Application of Theory to Learning; 4. Further Processing, Acquisition and Development; 5. Recognition, Recall, Rehearsal and Retrieval; 6. Comprehension of the L2; 7. Production and Monitoring of the L2; 8. Auto-Input; 9. Some Salient Issues in SLA Research; Summary; References; Index.

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SLA Applied: Connecting Theory and Practice Brian Tomlinson (University of Liverpool)
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