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Linguistic Anthropology Alessandro Duranti

Linguistic Anthropology par Alessandro Duranti

Linguistic Anthropology Alessandro Duranti

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This volume is designed as a comprehensive collection of the best work that has been published in this growing area of anthropology. It has been organized to provide a guide to key issues in the study of language as a cultural resource and the study of speaking as a cultural practice.

Linguistic Anthropology Résumé

Linguistic Anthropology: A Reader Alessandro Duranti

Linguistic Anthropology: A Reader is a comprehensive collection of the best work that has been published in this exciting and growing area of anthropology and is organized to provide a guide to key issues in the study of language as a cultural resource and speaking as a cultural practice. Editor Alessandro Duranti's extensive introduction provides an original perspective on the development of the field and highlights its most compelling issues. Each section of the volume includes a brief introductory statement, a set of guiding questions, and a recommended further reading list. The readings are both historically oriented and thematically coherent, and are grouped according to four themes: speech community and communicative competence: the performance of language: language socialization and literacy practices: and the power of language. Duranti has taken care throughout to trace theoretical and methodological connections among different authors and research agendas from anthropology and other disciplines. This is a collection that stands to serve both scholars and students.

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Framed by an excellent historical introduction, Duranti's reader provides students and scholars alike with a sophisticated yet accessible introduction to the range of topics and approaches that make up modern linguistic anthropology. The readings, linked by concise and thoughtful introductions, include a judicious mix of classic articles and new research. This collection should provide a definitive vision for linguistic anthropology for a long time to come. Bradd Shore, Emory University Very well organized and selected, and thus an excellent teaching resource, this reader provides perspective on the coherence of linguistic anthropology as a field. It can also be flexibly tailored to bring a linguistic approach to most arenas of topical interest to contemporary anthropological research. George Marcus, Rice University I would like to acknowledge that I am glad Duranti made this compilation. Many of the articles included have been and in many cases still are examples of highly innovative scholarly work on issues of language related to culture. It provides an excellent (and long overdue) discussion of terminology, American lingustic anthropology's development within Cultural Anthropology, its subsequent drift away from anthropology towards an independent discipline increasingly focused on theoretical anthropologists in the late 1960s, and its reestablishment as a subfield of anthropology in the 1980s-90s. As a textbook this reader makes a very useful teaching aid, as a source book it provides valuable insights into the discipline of linguistic anthropology. Linguist List Alessandro Duranti has succeeded in compiling an excellent reader that many instructors and students will find useful as an introduction to key works in linguistic anthropology. Leaders in the theory and practice of contemporary linguistic anthropology are well represented, and all of the articles are excellent; indeed, most are recognized as contemporary classics in the field. This reader is an excellent addition to the growing library of readers in linguistic anthropology and a valuable new resource for both students and teachers. Current Anthropology


Acknowledgements.Introduction: Linguistic Anthropology: History, Ideas, and Issues: Alessandro Duranti.Part I: Speech Community and Communicative Competence:1. The Speech Community: John J. Gumperz.2. Communicative Competence: Dell H. Hymes.3. The African-American Speech Community: Reality and Sociolinguistics: Marcyliena H. Morgan.4. The Social Circulation of Media Discourse and the Mediation of Communities: Debra Spitulnik.5.Communication of Respect in Interethnic Service Encounters: Benjamin BaileyQuestions about Speech Community and Communicative Competence.Suggestions for further reading.Part II: The Performance of Language: Acts, Events, and Activities:6. Signifying and Marking: Two Afro-American Speech Acts: Claudia Mitchell-Kernan.7. Verbal Art as Performance: Richard Bauman.8. Formality and Informality in Communicative Events: Judith T. Irvine.9. Universal and Culture-Specific Properties of Greetings: Alessandro Duranti.10. Emotion Within Situated Activity: Marjorie H. Goodwin and Charles Goodwin.Questions about the Performance of Language.Suggestions for further reading.Part III: Language Socialization and Literacy Practices:11. Language Acquisition and Socialization: Three Developmental Stories: Elinor Ochs and Bambi B. Schieffelin.12. Participant Structures & Communicative Competence: Warm Springs Children in Community & Classroom: Susan U. Philips.13. What No Bedtime Story Means: Narrative Skills at Home and School: Shirley Brice Heath.14. Creating Social Identities Through Doctrina Narratives: Patricia Baquedano-Lopez.Questions about Language Socialization and Literacy Practices.Suggestions for further reading.Part IV: The Power of Language:15. The Relation of Habitual Thought and Behavior to Language: Benjamin Lee Whorf.16. The Limits of Awareness: Michael Silverstein.17. Arizona Tewa Kiva Speech as a Manifestation of a Dominant Language: Paul V. Kroskrity.18. Language, Gender, and Power: An Anthropological Review: Susan Gal.19. The Father Knows Best Dynamic in Dinnertime Narratives: Elinor Ochs and Carolyn Taylor.20. Language, Race, and White Public Sphere: Jane H. Hill.Questions about the Power of Language.Suggestions for Further Reading.Index.

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Linguistic Anthropology: A Reader Alessandro Duranti
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