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Investigating the Social World Russell K. Schutt

Investigating the Social World By Russell K. Schutt

Investigating the Social World by Russell K. Schutt

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In this latest edition of this perennially successful social research textbook (15,000 copies in international markets over 19 years), Russell K Schutt makes research come alive through illustrative stories and hands-on exercises that help students learn by doing.

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Investigating the Social World Summary

Investigating the Social World: The Process and Practice of Research by Russell K. Schutt

In this exciting new Eighth Edition of his leading social research text, author Russell K. Schutt, an award-winning researcher and teacher, continues to make the field come alive through research stories that illustrate the methods presented in each chapter.

Through numerous examples and hands-on exercises that help students learn by doing, Investigating the Social World helps readers understand research methods as an integrated whole.

Readers will learn to appreciate the value of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and understand the need to make ethical research decisions while also learning about research on contemporary social issues like the Internet and social relations, the police response to domestic violence, the sources of democracy, the determinants of voting, the impact of disasters, and the causes of violence.

About Russell K. Schutt

Russell K. Schutt, PhD, is a professor and the chair of sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and a lecturer on sociology in the Department of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School (Massachusetts Mental Health Center). He completed his BA, MA, and PhD (1977) at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a postdoctoral fellowship in the Sociology of Social Control Training Program at Yale University (1977-1979). His other books include Investigating the Social World: The Process and Practice of Research and Fundamentals of Social Work Research (with Ray Engel), Making Sense of the Social World (with Dan Chambliss), and Research Methods in Psychology (with Paul G. Nestor)-all with SAGE Publications, as well as Homelessness, Housing, and Mental Illness (Harvard University Press) and Social Neuroscience: Brain, Mind, and Society (coedited with Larry J. Seidman and Matcheri S. Keshavan, also Harvard University Press). Most of his peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters focus on the effect of social context on cognition, satisfaction, functioning, and recidivism, the orientations of service recipients and of service and criminal justice personnel, and the organization of health and social services. He is currently a coinvestigator for a randomized trial of peer support for homeless dually diagnosed veterans, funded by the Veterans Administration.

Table of Contents

PART I: FOUNDATIONS FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH CHAPTER 1: SCIENCE, SOCIETY, AND SOCIAL RESEARCH Learning About the Social World Avoiding Errors in Reasoning About the Social World Research in the News: Why Doesn't the Internet Reach Everyone? Science and Social Science Alternative Research Orientations Strengths and Limitations of Social Research CHAPTER 2: THE RESEARCH PROCESS Social Research Questions Social Theories Social Research Foundations Theoretical Perspectives for Social Research Social Research Strategies Research in the News: Investigating Child Abuse Doesn't Reduce It Social Research Standards CHAPTER 3: RESEARCH ETHICS AND PHILOSOPHIES Historical Background Ethical Principles The Institutional Review Board Research in the News: What Would an IRB Say? Social Research Proposals Case Study: Evaluating a Public Health Program PART II: FUNDAMENTALS OF SOCIAL RESEARCH CHAPTER 4: CONCEPTUALIZATION AND MEASUREMENT Concepts Research in the News: What is Your Race? Operationalization Measurement Levels of Measurement Evaluating Measures CHAPTER 5: SAMPLING Sample Planning Research in the News: What Are Best Practices for Sampling Vulnerable Populations? Sampling Methods Sampling Distributions CHAPTER 6: RESEARCH DESIGN AND CAUSATION Research Design Alternatives Research in the News: How to Reduce Crime? Criteria and Cautions for Nomothetic Causal Explanations Comparing Research Designs PART III: BASIC SOCIAL RESEARCH DESIGNS CHAPTER 7: EXPERIMENTS History of Experimentation True Experiments Research in the News: Where Did You Hear That? Quasi-Experiments Validity in Experiments Ethical Issues in Experimental Research CHAPTER 8: SURVEY RESEARCH Survey Research in the Social Sciences Writing Survey Questions Combining Questions in Indexes Designing Questionnaires Research in the News: What Can Surveys Uncover? Organizing Surveys Ethical Issues in Survey Research CHAPTER 9: QUANTITATIVE DATA ANALYSIS Introducing Statistics Case Study: The Likelihood of Voting Preparing Data for Analysis Displaying Univariate Distributions Summarizing Univariate Distributions Research in the News: General Social Survey Shows Infidelity on the Rise Analyzing Data Ethically: How Not to Lie With Statistics Cross-Tabulating Variables Regression Analysis Analyzing Data Ethically: How Not to Lie About Relationships CHAPTER 10: QUALITATIVE METHODS: OBSERVING, PARTICIPATING, LISTENING Fundamentals of Qualitative Methods Participant Observation Research in the News: Can Taping Interviews Capture a Trend? Intensive (In-Depth) Interviewing Interviewing Online Focus Groups Generalizability in Qualitative Research Ethical Issues in Qualitative Research CHAPTER 11: QUALITATIVE DATA ANALYSIS Features of Qualitative Data Analysis Techniques of Qualitative Data Analysis Alternatives in Qualitative Data Analysis Research in the News: What's in a Message? Visual Sociology Systematic Observation Participatory Action Research Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Ethics in Qualitative Data Analysis PART IV: ADVANCED SOCIAL RESEARCH DESIGNS CHAPTER 12: EVALUATION AND POLICY RESEARCH History of Evaluation Research Evaluation Basics Questions for Evaluation Research Research in the News: What Motivates Policy Shifts? Design Decisions Policy Research Ethics in Evaluation CHAPTER 13: HISTORICAL AND COMPARATIVE RESEARCH AND CONTENT ANALYSIS Overview of Unobtrusive Methods for Historical and Comparative Research Historical Social Science Methods Comparative Social Science Methods Research in the News: Across the globe can we compare ____? Demographic Analysis Content Analysis Ethical Issues in Historical and Comparative Research and Content Analysis CHAPTER 14: SECONDARY DATA ANALYSIS AND BIG DATA Secondary Data Sources Research in the News: Long-term impact; how can research make the connection? Challenges for Secondary Data Analyses Big Data Ethical Issues in Secondary Data Analysis and Big Data CHAPTER 15: MIXED METHODS History of Mixed Methods Philosophy of Mixed Methods Types of mixed methods Strengths and Limitations of Mixed Methods Ethics and Mixed Methods Research in the News: What Came First, the Alleged Cause or the Effect? CHAPTER 16: SUMMARIZING AND REPORTING RESEARCH Writing Research Displaying Research Reporting Research Research in the News: How Much Should Social Scientists Report? Performing Meta-Analyses Case Study: Broken Homes and Delinquency Ethics, Politics, and Research Reports Bibliography Glossary

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