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Where Was I?! Terry Wogan

Where Was I?! von Terry Wogan

Where Was I?! Terry Wogan

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Read by Terry Wogan. WHERE WAS I?! gives Terry's devoted followers exactly what they want: unadulterated Wogan - the voice of sanity in a world gone gently mad.

Where Was I?! Zusammenfassung

Where Was I?!: The World According to Wogan Terry Wogan

Eight million people improve their mornings by tuning into Terry's words of wisdom on Wake up to Wogan. But is their appetite sated by this daily exposure? Not in the slightest. So it's lucky that Terry has been known to turn his hand to the odd bit of writing. This has allowed him to shed light on such weighty matters as how to survive a wedding, what Bank Holidays are for, why Eurovision could be responsible for the Celtic Tiger, whether we should watch out for potatoes, and where exactly it all went pear-shaped ...WHERE WAS I? gives his devoted followers exactly what they want - the unadulterated, inimitable Wogan viewpoint; a droll, forthright voice of sanity in a world gone gently mad (or is it them?). Like his broadcasting, his writing is an effortless flow of easy wit and sage opinion. WHERE WAS I? builds up a picture not only of Terry's world, but of Terry himself - a man who somehow manages to be off the wall and on the money all at the same time. Never less than funny, and never less than frank, WHERE WAS I? demonstrates exactly how he has come to be regarded as a national treasure.

Where Was I?! Bewertungen

"Written and read by the 'old geezer' himself, it's vintage Wogan." CHOICE "Written and read by the great man himself ... Listeners will be delighted that there will be more of the same in his new Sunday radio show starting in February." DAILY EXPRESS

Über Terry Wogan

Terry Wogan was born in Limerick and educated at Crescent College. After five years in banking Terry joined Radio Telefis Eirann as a newsreader/announcer. Moving to light entertainment as a DJ and host of TV quiz and variety shows, in 1969 Terry stood in for BBC Radio's Jimmy Young and was soon given daily shows on BBC Radio 1 and 2. In 1972 he took over the prestigious morning show and it's been downhill since then. Terry's TV credits include his live chat show series WOGAN, SONGS FOR EUROPE, THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST, COME DANCING and BLANKETY BLANK, to name but a few. In 1993 Terry rejoined BBC Radio 2 to present WAKE UP TO WOGAN the most listened to breakfast show in the UK. In a moment of weakness Her Majesty the Queen honoured him with a knighthood in 2005. He is married to the sainted Lady Helen and has two sons and a daughter.

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Where Was I?!: The World According to Wogan Terry Wogan
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