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The Sister Sung-Yoon Lee

The Sister von Sung-Yoon Lee

The Sister Sung-Yoon Lee

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This first book on Kim Jong-un's powerful sister, tipped to be his successor, is a readable, jaw-dropping insight into a secretive and dangerous dynasty.

The Sister Zusammenfassung

The Sister: The extraordinary story of Kim Yo Jong, the most powerful woman in North Korea Sung-Yoon Lee

'In explaining the rise to power of Kim Yo Jong, Lee displays his deep knowledge and understanding of North Korea's extreme, ruthless and self-obsessed dynastic autocracy, the creators and rulers of a de-facto nuclear weapon state. Not a reassuring story'-Sir John Scarlett, former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)

Written by Dr Sung-Yoon Lee, a scholar and specialist on North Korea who has advised the US government ,The Sister is a jaw-dropping account of the spectacular rise of Kim Yo Jong, de-facto deputy to her brother, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, and the most powerful woman in North Korea.

In 2022, in a particularly fiery speech, Kim Yo Jong threatened to nuke South Korea, reminding the world of the dangers posed by her state. But how did the youngest daughter of Dear Leader Kim Jong Il, his 'sweet princess', become the ruthless chief propagandist, internal administrator and foreign policymaker for her brother's totalitarian regime?

The Sister uncovers the truth about Kim Yo Jong, her close bond with Kim Jong Un and the lessons in manipulation they learned from their father. He also examines the iron grip the Kim dynasty has on their country, the grotesque deaths of family members deemed disloyal, and the signs that Kim Yo Jong has been positioned as her brother's successor should he die while his own children are young.

Readable and insightful, this book is an invaluable portrait of a woman who might yet hold the survival of her despotic dynasty in her hands.

'An incisive portrayal of North Korea's princess, Kim Yo Jong, but also a chilling portrait of a family dynasty that has oppressed and exploited North Korea for generation after generation' - Max Boot, Washington Post columnist, author and senior fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

The Sister Bewertungen

Among the most insightful and prescient chroniclers * The Guardian *
Riveting, unique, policy-relevant narrative of the first order . . . Lee sees through the North Korean regime's antics, maskirovka, and propaganda - much of it the work of Kim Yo Jong - as does no other. A work of penetrating analysis, caustic wit, and elegant prose -- James Stavridis, PhD., Admiral in US Navy (Retired), and former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO
Extraordinarily well researched . . . an invaluable resource in understanding one of the most intriguing and least known figures in today's North Korea -- Stephen E. Biegun, United States Special Representative for North Korea, 2018-2021 and Deputy Secretary of State, 2021-2022
Dr Lee deftly skewers the misperceptions of Kim Yo Jong to insightfully assess her longstanding and powerful role. Comprehensive, provocative, and eloquently written. Should be required reading for policymakers and pundits trying to decipher the North Korean Game of Thrones -- Bruce Klingner, former Deputy Division Chief for Korea, CIA; former North Korea Analyst, DIA, Senior Research Fellow, Asian Studies Center, The Heritage Foundation
In The Sister, Sung-Yoon Lee offers a trenchant analysis of the Kim Jong Un regime and his sister's role in propagating their cult of personality. He employs his deep knowledge of the subject and his fine literary skills to tell a tale that is both fascinating and disturbing -- Dr Sue Mi Terry, Director of the Asia Program, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
As a former top North Korea official in charge of the supreme leader's slush funds, I have intimate knowledge of the corrupt and very opaque workings of the Kim dynasty. The Sister is revelatory. It is a most rare and enlightening analysis of the Kim regime's deceptions and perversions, and Kim Yo Jong's role in this existential game . . . [an] astute, acerbic, and, at times, even amusing expose of the pathological ways of the North Korean dynasty -- Ri Jong Ho, former Chairman of the Korea Kum-Kang Economic Development Group (KKG) of the National Defense Commission, DPRK
This captivating, well-researched portrait of one of the world's most secretive and powerful women offers a rare glimpse into the heart of North Korea's leadership and the complexities of its political landscape -- Bradley Hope, author of The Rebel and the Kingdom and co-founder of Project Brazen
Dr Lee was instrumental in our lawsuit against North Korea for the kidnapping, torture, and extrajudicial killing of our son, Otto. During the trial in a federal court in DC, the entire courtroom and the press were mesmerized by his deep knowledge of the concentration camp known as North Korea. Dr. Lee is able to explain North Korea's behaviour in a way that compels action. Now, he has put his impressive skills to weave a gripping tale on the inner workings of the criminal organization known as North Korea and the sister's sinister role in this scheme -- Fred and Cindy Warmbier, plaintiffs in Warmbier v. Democratic People's Republic of Korea (2018)

Über Sung-Yoon Lee

Sung-Yoon Lee is a scholar of Korean and East Asian studies and a specialist on North Korea. He is the Kim Koo-Korea Foundation Professor in Korean Studies and Assistant Professor at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and Faculty Associate at the Program on U.S.-Japan Relations, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University.

Dr Lee has advised senior-most officials in the US government and is an outspoken proponent of several policies aimed at changing the North Korean regime towards a path of denuclearization and improvement of human rights, while keeping the peace and stability in Northeast Asia. In 2013, the Guardian called Lee [a]mong the most insightful and prescient chroniclers. The Sister is his first book.

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The Sister: The extraordinary story of Kim Yo Jong, the most powerful woman in North Korea Sung-Yoon Lee
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