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Informally Royal Rodney Laredo

Informally Royal von Rodney Laredo

Informally Royal Rodney Laredo

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The first book to tell the remarkable Studio Lisa story and showcase their unique Royal Family photographic collection

Informally Royal Zusammenfassung

Informally Royal: Studio Lisa and the Royal Family 1936-1966 Rodney Laredo

A chance meeting in 1936 gave Lisa and Jimmy Sheridan the opportunity of a lifetime. Keen amateur photographers, their company Studio Lisa was engaged by the then Duke and Duchess of York to take casual photographs of their family, including the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, at their homes, Royal Lodge and at 145 Piccadilly, London.

At a time of tradition and formality, when it was unheard of for mere unknowns to be given such an opportunity, the hiring of Studio Lisa proved to be a revolutionary and popular move on the part of the royals as it humanised them in the eyes of their subjects. They soon struck up an unlikely friendship with Lisa and Jimmy - one that would span over more than thirty years and yield thirteen separate photographic sessions, the last of which included Queen Elizabeth's young children.

Informally Royal charts the story of Studio Lisa, from its humble beginnings right through to the granting of two Royal Warrants. For the first time Studio Lisa's cache of remarkable royal photographs is brought together, producing a marvellous collector's item and a treasure thankfully preserved for posterity.

Über Rodney Laredo

RODNEY LAREDO is a published author, photographer, guest speaker, and self-confessed Anglophile, who enjoys a great love and knowledge of rural England. Rodney, with his wife Alethea, and two children, live in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Informally Royal: Studio Lisa and the Royal Family 1936-1966 Rodney Laredo
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