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Princess Olga of Yugoslavia Robert Prentice

Princess Olga of Yugoslavia von Robert Prentice

Princess Olga of Yugoslavia Robert Prentice

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A royal biography set in Europe and Africa, filled with stories of intrigue, betrayal, family strife, revolution, exile and a life-changing coup d'etat.

Princess Olga of Yugoslavia Zusammenfassung

Princess Olga of Yugoslavia: Her Life and Times Robert Prentice

Often called the 'most royal Princess in Europe', Olga's life is imbued with drama from the outset: Taken 'hostage' by her Romanov grandmother, she is further traumatised by the assassination of her grandfather, the King of Greece, followed by a humiliating Swiss exile and being cast aside by a future Danish king. While Olga's marriage to the Prince Regent of Yugoslavia finds her raised to the rank of Consort, it eventually leads to her being branded a 'dangerous traitor' and sent as a 'political prisoner' to Kenya. Yet, as readers will discover, this is ultimately a story of duty, determination and redemption.

Über Robert Prentice

Robert Prentice has been a regular contributor to Britain's 'Majesty' magazine for over a decade, as well as to numerous Facebook pages dedicated to royalty including Royalty Digest, Royal History and The World's Best Royals. He contributes articles for his own Royal Blog royaltyrobertwriter.home.blog/ and he has been an occasional commentator on BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Scotland television news programmes.


List of Illustrations vii Acknowledgements ix Family Tree of Princess Olga xi Introduction xiii Chapter 1 Setting the Scene 1 Chapter 2 A 'Clannish Intimacy' 11 Chapter 3 The Russian Influence 17 Chapter 4 Turbulent Times 21 Chapter 5 War and Revolution 31 Chapter 6 Swiss Exile 37 Chapter 7 Bitter Lessons 43 Chapter 8 Betrothal and Marriage 55 Chapter 9 Belgrade, Bohinj and Beyond 63 Chapter 10 Finding One's Feet 73 Chapter 11 Two Weddings and a Funeral 83 Chapter 12 Queen in all but Name 93 Chapter 13 Troubled Times 127 Chapter 14 Yugoslavia in Crisis 141 Chapter 15 Political Prisoner 161 Chapter 16 Mercy Mission 179 Chapter 17 Despair and Hope 191 Chapter 18 South African Sojourn 197 Chapter 19 A Royal Meeting 217 Chapter 20 Return to Europe 233 Chapter 21 Tragedy upon Tragedy 257 Chapter 22 Grandmother 265 Chapter 23 'So many problems' 283 Chapter 24 'I am the only one left...' 289 Chapter 25 Failing Health 297 Chapter 26 Alone 311 Chapter 27 Mental Drowning 323 Notes on Sources 331 Bibliography 395 Index 405 About the Author 421

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Princess Olga of Yugoslavia: Her Life and Times Robert Prentice
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Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd
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