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A Compendium of Contrarians Robert Orr-Ewing

A Compendium of Contrarians von Robert Orr-Ewing

A Compendium of Contrarians Robert Orr-Ewing

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A Compendium of Contrarians Zusammenfassung

A Compendium of Contrarians: Those Who Stand Out By Not Fitting In Robert Orr-Ewing

What do Winston Churchill, Rosa Parks, Emile Zola, Billy Beane and Christopher Hitchens have in common? They are all Contrarians. This book is about the people who do not quietly slip into the shadows, who revel in playing devil's advocate, who zig when everyone else zags and who dare ask the question: 'Yes, but just supposing that everyone else is wrong?'

They are not always successful all of the time. In fact some are spectacularly unsuccessful on occasions. They may not be popular or easy to live with, but are always interesting and usually inspiring. Some make a point of arguing the opposite point of view on every occasion; some are mainstream on everything, but resolute in opposing the mainstream on one particular issue. For some, the issue which they contest so vigorously becomes mainstream through their exertions.

In Compendium of Contrarians, Robert Orr-Ewing shows how he has been inspired by these amusing, challenging, interesting and unusual characters.

A Compendium of Contrarians Bewertungen

'An interesting and engaging group of individualists, some famous, some less so, who didn't necessarily toe the line, but left their mark on history' - Eleo Carson

'A well chosen selection of some of the most intriguing non conformists down the ages. Moving - and inspiring.' - Danny Danziger

Über Robert Orr-Ewing

Robert Orr-Ewing was called to the Bar aged 22, and practised for 6 years, then set up his own business in property before he was bought out by Knight Frank. He stayed with them for 28 years before retiring in 2019. His speciality was originally lettings and latterly leasehold enfranchisement. He appeared in multiple tribunals as an expert witness, principally for tenants.

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A Compendium of Contrarians: Those Who Stand Out By Not Fitting In Robert Orr-Ewing
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