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The Oscar Slater Murder Story von Richard Whittington-Egan

The Oscar Slater Murder Story Richard Whittington-Egan

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Oscar Slater, a disreputable German immigrant living in Glasgow, was sentenced to death in 1909 for the brutal murder of rich spinster, Marion Gilchrist, but had his conviction quashed by Arthur Conan Doyle. Speculation has continued about the true murderer and this book re-investigates the case.

The Oscar Slater Murder Story Zusammenfassung

The Oscar Slater Murder Story Richard Whittington-Egan

Oscar Slater, a disreptuable German immigrant, living on the fringe of the Glaswegian underworld and off the proceeds of gambling and prostitution, was sentenced to death in 1909 for the brutal murder of Marion Gilchrist, a rich spinster who lived with a secret hoard of precious jewels hidden in her wardrobe in Edwardian Glasgow's fashionable West Princes Street. Slater, travelling with his mistress under a false name, was tracked down and arrested in New York. Extradited and tried in Edinburgh, he actually heard the gallows being erected for him, but was repreieved at the 11th hour and spent the next 18 years in the granite fortress of Peterhead prison, ceaselessly protesting his innocence. Arthur Conan Doyle, turned real-life Sherlock Holmes, eventually managed to get the unjust conviction quashed and since then, argument has raged as to who really was responsible for the murder of Marion Gilchrist. One name, that of a respectable Glasgow doctor, has been an "open secret". Accused too, was Miss Gilchrist's nephew. Neither was the true killer. The author of this reinvestigation of the case argues that all previous theories have been based upon false information and the too-ready acceptance of recently honoured Detective Lieutenant Trench's investigations. All, he says, have got it wrong. Whittington-Egan looks again at the whole case and offers a new solution.

Über Richard Whittington-Egan

Richard Whittington-Egan is Britain's leading criminologist with a worldwide reputation. He is based in Malvern, Worcestershire. He is the the author of several crime books including the definitive work on Jack The Ripper.


Preface vii Acknowledgements xi Prologue: Time Machine with a Trolley 1 1 All the Days of Her Death 5 2 Nightmare on West Princes Street 21 3 Pantomime Noir 37 4 Looking for Mr. Oscar 48 5 Discovering Miss Gilchrist 61 6 The Return of the Alien 75 7 The Granite Man of Peterhead 89 8 The Libelling of Dr. Charteris 101 9 Trench Warfare 113 10 Resetting the Record 127 11 The Fourth Guardian Angel 145 12 The Order of Release 166 13 The Day of Judgment 182 14 Codicil and Coda 193 15 If Not Slater - Who? 200 16 The Ladies of Lanark 222 17 The House that Jack Built 230 18 The Secrets of Lot 631 243 19 Retrenchment 253 20 Eighty Years On 267 21 The Mystery Solved? 280 22 In the Eye of Time 299 23 Odds and Endings 313 Bibliography 320 Index 325

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The Oscar Slater Murder Story Richard Whittington-Egan
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