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George Gissing Paul Delany

George Gissing von Paul Delany

George Gissing Paul Delany

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Masterly biography of pioneering English novelist George Gissing (1857-1903)

George Gissing Zusammenfassung

George Gissing: A Life Paul Delany

George Orwell was asked to write a biography of George Gissing, having hailed him as 'perhaps the best novelist England has produced.' He had to refuse, and instead of a book like this one, Orwell wrote a novel, 1984. His closeness to Gissing can help draw the map of English literature from 1880 to 1950. Orwell was born in the year that Gissing died, 1903. Both of them lived 46 years and died of lung disease. It is likely that Orwell borrowed the first name of his pseudonym from Gissing. Orwell, though, chose to live among the poor to begin a lifelong commitment to leftist politics. Gissing became poor by bad luck and bad judgement; he came to believe that political solutions were unlikely to abolish human misery, and declared that the great subject of his novels was the situation of educated people with 'not enough money.' Paul Delany's has read Gissing's 22 novels, and his other works, with a fine biographer's eye. Gissing was a neurotic writer, and everything in his later life was determined by the twin disasters of his imprisonment and his marriage to Nell Harrison. Prison he concealed altogether. It could be argued that Victorian society rested on hypocrisy, requiring everyone to lie about their desires. But the major figures in Gissing's novels are almost always bad liars. In his own case a mistake in youth created daily misery that he could never shake off. Yet Gissing the novelist gives us better than anyone the flavour of London in the 1880s and 1890s: a compound of wet streets, fog, coal-smoke, narrow horizons, and an imagination equal to it all. In Paul Delany he has found the perfect biographer.

George Gissing Bewertungen

... thorough yet accessible account of one of the most miserable lives in literature... Delany skilfully untangles the extent to which Gissing's tragedy was the result of his being born itno an age he found obscenely philistine, repressed, hypocritical and money-obsessed , and the degree to which he sabotaged his own future - repeating mistakes and then documenting the fallout. DAILY TELEGRAPH In some moods, I would rather read George Gissing than any other 19-th century English novelist... a highly enjoyable life of Gissing, lucidly written and carefully researched. -- Ferdinand Mount, SPECTATOR an eye-opener... compelling reading -- David Sexton, EVENING STANDARD lucidly written and carefully researched. SUNDAY TIMES 'acute the whole way through; sharp and judicious, excellent on the economics of the writing life, and as sympathetic as one could possibly be.' -- Craig Brown's Book of the Week MAIL ON SUNDAY 'an incredibly sad but fascinating life, which Paul Delany has told with elegance, insight and sympathy.' -- Clare Harman SUNDAY TELEGRAPH quietly marvellous... kindly, meticulous, detached without being aloof. He is particuarly illuminuiating on Gissing's relationships with women... Delany's summation at the beginning is masterly, his conclusion moving. In between is an eloquent study of a life. -- Michael Bywater NEW STATESMAN Gissing was awfully short of blessings in his life, but he is now very blessed in getting the kind of canny, sensitive and clued-up biographer he (and his fiction) have long been crying out for...this Life [is] the best contribution so far between single covers. -- Valentine Cunningham THE INDEPENDENT an eye-opener... the most compelling reading. THE SCOTSMAN

Über Paul Delany

Paul Delany was born in South London. In 2003 he retired as Chair of the Department of English at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. He lives in Vancouver.

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George Gissing: A Life Paul Delany
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