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Tea with Jane Austen Kim Wilson

Tea with Jane Austen von Kim Wilson

Tea with Jane Austen Kim Wilson

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Who would not want to sit down with Jane Austen and join her in a cup of tea? Here for the first time is a book that shares the secrets of one of her favorite rituals.

Tea with Jane Austen Zusammenfassung

Tea with Jane Austen Kim Wilson

Who would not want to sit down with Jane Austen and join her in a cup of tea? Here for the first time is a book that shares the secrets of one of her favorite rituals. Tea figures prominently in Jane Austen's life and work. At the centre of almost every social situation in her novels one finds tea. In Emma, does Miss Bates drink coffee? Of course not: 'No coffee, I thank you, for me-never take coffee.-A little tea if you please.' In Pride and Prejudice, what is one of the supreme honours Mr. Collins can envision Lady Catherine bestowing on Elizabeth Bennet and her friends? Why, drinking tea with her, naturally. Tea with Jane Austen begins with tea drinking in the morning and ends with tea in the evening, at balls and other gatherings. Each chapter includes a description of how tea was taken at a particular place or time of day, along with history, recipes, excerpts from Austen's novels and letters and illustrations from the time.

Tea with Jane Austen Bewertungen

The ideal read for any fan of Austen's work, or the enduring British favourite - tea. Period Living Darjeeling with Darcy or earl Grey with Emma? Field Both books are beautifully produced and make an attractive pair for lovers of Jane Austen, filling in all-important background details to the novels. Good Book Guide

Über Kim Wilson

KIM WILSON is a writer, editor, and gardener who lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and is a longtime member of the Jane Austen Society of North America. Her other title for Frances Lincoln is In the Garden with Jane Austen (9780711225947).


Table of Contents Foreword Acknowledgments Notes on the Text Introduction 'Happy, Happy Breakfast': Tea in the Morning Breakfast with the Austens * Breakfast with Mr Darcy * Tea and Toast, or Strong Beer and Sturgeon? * Town and Country Style * A Grand Breakfast with the Austens at Stoneleigh Abbey * Recipes for Morning Cents & Sensibility: Tea and Shopping 'A bustling hour or two shopping' * 'This Scene of Dissipation and Vice' * Miss Austen Shops in Style * Wonderful Wedgwood * Tea on Horseback * Smouch and Sheep's Dung * A Visit to Twinings * A Delectable Assortment of Treats * An Ice with Jane Austen 'That Best of All Travelling Liquors': Tea Away from Home Rakes and Courtesans in the Garden * Tea al Fresco * Tea on the Road * Tea for the Stranded * In Mrs La Tournelle's Parlour * Tea and Grog * Officers and Gentlemen * Emma's Box Hill Picnic and Captain Wentworth's Mess 'The Tea!-The Tea!-The Wholesome Tea!': Tea and Health Tempest in a Teapot * The Apothecary's Arsenal * Herbs and Dandelions * Tea and the Delicate Constitution * Tea for Oppressed Heroines * Spiritual Refreshment and Inspiration * Tea with That Little Something Extra * Proper Nourishment for the Sick 'You Must Drink Tea with Us Tonight': Tea in the Evening At the End of the Day * Waiting for Tea * A Quiet Family Evening * Pleasant Little Parties * An Elegant Entertainment * 'Every thing so good!'* A Splendid Supper * Dishes for a Grand Entertainment 'A Good Dish of Tea': Making the Perfect Cup Bibliography Index

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Tea with Jane Austen Kim Wilson
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