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Life Under Fire Jason Fox

Life Under Fire von Jason Fox

Life Under Fire Jason Fox

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Life Under Fire Zusammenfassung

Life Under Fire: How to Build Inner Strength and Thrive Under Pressure Jason Fox

Take control of your life, build resilience and learn to thrive in any situation with the powerful and inspiring new book from the number one bestselling author of Battle Scars.

We all face battles in our daily lives. Some pressures threaten to crush us mentally, others push us out of our comfort zone, causing stress, anxiety and self-doubt. In Life Under Fire, ex-Special Forces Sergeant Jason Fox shows how anyone can learn to respond positively to these challenges by building the strength of mind and the resilience of an elite soldier.

Recounting stories of the military operations and expeditions that have tested his own resolve, Fox draws on the practices of the British military and the techniques he has developed during his career to show how you, too, can build the inner strength to overcome whatever life puts in front of you.

Whether you're under pressure at work or facing trials in your personal life, this book will equip you with the tools you need to overcome obstacles and excel in adversity.

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Über Jason Fox

Jason Fox joined the Royal Marine Commandos at sixteen, serving for ten years, after which he passed the gruelling selection process for the Special Forces, serving with the Special Boat Service for over a decade and reaching the rank of Sergeant.

Today you are most likely to find him gracing our television screens and giving us a taste of action and adventure around the world.

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Life Under Fire: How to Build Inner Strength and Thrive Under Pressure Jason Fox
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