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A Street Dog Named Pup von Gill Lewis

A Street Dog Named Pup Gill Lewis

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Between dog and human there is a special bond. A bond that must never be broken...

A Street Dog Named Pup Zusammenfassung

A Street Dog Named Pup Gill Lewis

Pup and his boy are inseparable. But both their worlds change forever when Pup is cruelly taken away and abandoned in Dead Dog Alley. With nowhere else to turn, Pup joins a pack of misfit Street Dogs, who help him learn to fight for survival on the streets. Pup holds on to the hope of one day being reunited with his boy. But as that hope shrinks with every passing day, Pup begins to wonder if their bond is irreversibly broken... A thrilling and heart-warming novel by award-winning author Gill Lewis, celebrating the unique bond between humans and animals, and the power of unconditional love.

A Street Dog Named Pup Bewertungen

'The most unusual book about the lives of dogs I've ever read. It's a dog world out there in Gill Lewis' accomplished storytelling. Not sure I'll ever look at a dog again the same way. Unforgettable.' MICHAEL MORPURGO ----- 'A masterpiece of animal writing. Lewis's deep love and understanding of dogs shows on every page, and she does for Pup what Anna Sewell did for horses in Black Beauty. A wise, brave book, steeped in kindness.' LAUREN ST JOHN ----- 'A story of love, survival, loyalty and lifelong bonds. It tugged at my heart and made me sob, it made me yearn with Pup for the love he so desperately sought... It's a book that everybody should read - it's man's best friend in a whole new light.' NIZRANA FAROOK ----- 'A heartwrending classic for animal lovers.' KARIN CELESTINE ----- 'A wonderful story, beautifully told.' JONATHAN MERES ----- 'This is such an engrossing, moving read. Pup's story encapsulates the powerful connection between humans and dogs... Pup and his 'crew' stole my heart, broke it; mended it again. Wonderful.' SUSANNA BAILEY ----- 'An extraordinary book. A Street Dog named Pup is a serious read. Harrowing, thrilling, devastating, uplifting.' FLEUR HITCHCOCK ----- 'It is wonderful. Incredibly powerful and compelling, with wonderful characters and an epic scope. [Gill Lewis] writes with such love, compassion and clarity I really felt every step of Pup's journey... And that final chapter - well, it's deeply moving and truly beautiful.' JULIA GREEN

Über Gill Lewis

Gill has adored animals for as long as she can remember. From building a mini hospital for insects in her garden as a child, to working as a vet in the wilds of Africa, her life has been full of fascinating wildlife adventures. Gill lives in Somerset with her family and their pets, which include dogs, chickens, and a rescued Shetland pony. She dreams up stories in her treehouse, surrounded by squirrels and plates of biscuits. Gill's previous titles include Sky Hawk, White Dolphin, Sky Dancer and The Closest Thing to Flying, and have won and been shortlisted for numerous awards. A Street Dog Named Pup is the first book that she has also illustrated herself. Find out more at gilllewis.com or by following @gill_lewis on Twitter.

Zusätzliche Informationen

A Street Dog Named Pup Gill Lewis
Gebraucht - Sehr Gut
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David Fickling Books
Die Abbildung des Buches dient nur Illustrationszwecken, die tatsächliche Bindung, das Cover und die Auflage können sich davon unterscheiden.
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