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Macbeth Fiona Watson

Macbeth von Fiona Watson

Macbeth Fiona Watson

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A respected historian of medieval Scotland releases the authentic historical Macbeth from a prison of literary and folkloric myth.

Macbeth Zusammenfassung

Macbeth: The True Story Fiona Watson

Thanks to Shakespeare, the name Macbeth has become a byword for political ambition realised by bloody violence. Fiona Watson has uncovered, buried beneath the layers of myth, a history that is entirely different from, but just as extraordinary as, that recounted by Shakespeare. As ruler of Alba (Scotland) Macbeth sat on one of the longest-established thrones in Western Europe. It is true that he killed Duncan, the previous king, but this was the normal, if brutal, method of regime change in Dark Age Scotland. The reality is that Macbeth quickly established himself as an effective and popular ruler. As a Celtic warrior-king, he was responsible for the maintenance of his people's dominance of northern Britain. A friend to the Church and valiant protector of his people, the real Macbeth epitomised the contemporary model of vigorous medieval kingship. His fascinating story, long overdue in the telling, is done full justice in Fiona Watson's authoritative and compelling narrative.

Macbeth Bewertungen

'A lucid picture of a Celtic warrior-king of some sophistication who was respected and loved... A fascinating read through Scotland's Middle Ages' Big Issue. * Big Issue *
'The Macbeth Shakespeare discovered had already been demonised for several centuries. But, as Fiona Watson's scholarly study demonstrates, the real story is very different' Daily Telegraph. * Daily Telegraph *
'A brilliantly researched and engaging study ... She's a bonny writer ... and has that rare gift of combining impressive knowledge with a lively and winning voice' Herald. * Herald *
'Thrilling' The Scotsman. * Scotsman *
'Gripping ... An essential corrective to generations of scholarship' BBC History Magazine. * BBC History Magazine *

Über Fiona Watson

Fiona Watson is a historian, writer and broadcaster. She is the author of Under the Hammer: Edward I and Scotland, 1296-1305 and Scotland, A History. She also fronted 'In Search of Scotland', a 10-part TV series in 2001 and has presented numerous radio programmes, including 'Enlightenment', 'History File' and 'House with a Past' for Radio Scotland, and a programme on Macbeth for Radio 3. She lives in Perthshire.


List of illustrations. Map. House of Alba Family Tree. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Prologue. PART ONE - THE FORGING OF A KINGDOM: All the King's Men; Christendom in 1050; Light on a Dark Age; Accidental Birth of a Nation; View from the North. PART TWO - THE MAKING OF A KING: Murder as Usual; Kings in Waiting; Macbeth the King; The Testing Time; From Death to Demonisation. Sources. Notes. Bibliography. Index.

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Macbeth: The True Story Fiona Watson
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