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Ticking Along with Swiss Kids von Dianne Dicks

Ticking Along with Swiss Kids Dianne Dicks

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Teaches you all you need to enjoy making friends and feeling at home in Switzerland. This work lets you join Susy, Thomas and Angela as they explore Switzerland and learn about the country.

Ticking Along with Swiss Kids Zusammenfassung

Ticking Along with Swiss Kids Dianne Dicks

Have fun learning all you need to enjoy making friends and feeling at home in Switzerland. Susy and Thomas have just moved to Switzerland and need to tell their Uncle George about what kids do here. Lucky for them that they meet Angela who loves books and can give them lots of exciting tips about their new homeland. Together they explore what Switzerland is all about; its languages, food, festivities, customs, and fun places to visit. Angela also shows them what to expect in the neighbourhood and at school, what kids read, sing, play and how they get along. She also explains all the dos and don'ts, what they need to watch out for, what they can discover at school and on adventures throughout the country. Children from ages 6 to 12 will enjoy the playful cartoons and illustrations and the many photographs showing all aspects of life in Switzerland in all its diversity. Includes songs with their musical scores, a one-act play, maps, lists of hundreds of places to visit, and a 32-card language game to help kids enjoy trying to speak a Swiss language.


Are you new here?; Prehistoric people and geography; What does the country look like? (Landscape; Rivers and lakes): What's the climate like? (The seasons; Clouds and their messages / the 'Foehn'); Who lives here? (Animals and flowers; Birds and fish; Forests and trees; People and culture / language); 'Roestigraben'; Clothing and equipment you need; Famous Swiss people; How do people understand each other?; What do grown-ups do here?; Some misunderstandings; Tourism; Shopping; Countryside and cities; Festivities; Winter holidays; Spring and summer holidays / August 1; Sports and games; How do people live?; Traditional Swiss food How do people get around?; What do children read?; What do children sing?; Swiss school system; Differences you need to know about; 'A Rainy Day': a short, one-act play; How about exciting excursions?; Democracy and parliament; Homesick?; Dos and don'ts for children; Watch out! Danger!; Symbols of Switzerland; Letters to Uncle George; Facts in brief about Switzerland; Cantons (Berne (BE), Zurich (ZH), Basel-Stadt (BS), Basel-Landschaft (BL), Solothurn (SO), Aargau (AG), Schaffhausen (SH), Thurgau (TH), Appenzell I-RH. (AI), Appenzell O-RH. (AR), St. Gallen (SG), Lucerne (LU), Zug (ZG), Uri (UR), Schwyz (SZ), Obwalden (OW), Nidwalden (NW), Glarus (GL), Geneva (GE), Fribourg (FR), Neuchatel (NE), Jura (JU), Vaud (VD), Valais (VS), Grisons (GR), Ticino (TI)); Maps (Map showing landscape, rivers, mountains; Map showing roads and main hiking paths; Satellite photo); Places to visit with children; Index of topics; Acknowledgements; Web sites for more information; Photo credits, sources and permissions; About the authors, illustrator, photographer; About Bergli Books; Language card game instructions; Picture contest instructions; Picture frame for submitting your letter or drawing

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Ticking Along with Swiss Kids Dianne Dicks
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