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Do Good Design David B. Berman

Do Good Design von David B. Berman

Do Good Design David B. Berman

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Do Good Design Zusammenfassung

Do Good Design: How Design Can Change Our World David B. Berman

How Design CAN CHANGE the World

Today, everyone is a designer. And the future of civilization is our common design project.

How does design help choose our leaders?
Why do we really have an environmental crisis?
How can accessible design broaden your audience?
Why does the U.S. economy now struggle to compete?
How has design thinking added to the bottom line of the world's most valuable companies?

Design matters. As it never has before.

Design creates so much of what we see, what we use, and what we experience. In a time of unprecedented environmental, social, and economic crises, designers must now choose what their young profession will be about: deploying weapons of mass deception - or helping repair the world.

Do Good Design is a call to action:
This book alerts us to the role design plays in persuading global audiences to fulfill invented needs. The book then outlines a sustainable approach to both the practice and the consumption of design. All professionals will be inspired by the message of how we can feel better and do better while holding onto our principles.

In a time when anything has become possible, design thinking offers a way forward for us all.

What will you do?

Do Good Design Bewertungen

Do Good Design will now proudly be in the library of the Bauhaus.
--Dr. Walter Prigge
Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

In Yiddish, a mensch is a person of integrity and honor and it seems David Berman fills the bill. His book is lively and humorous and sly too because while it makes you think and adjust your perspective, it includes the reader on several levels. Changing the world for the good never seemed more appealingly possible.
--Edward Asner
Past President, Screen Actors Guild

Timely, relevant, and necessary. Well done!
--Don Ryun Chang
President of Icograda

I believe that the real value of this book does not reside in the plethora of data and information that it contains but rather in the compelling biographical account of the author's passionate journey to discover and advocate how design and designers can contribute to doing good in a fragile world.
--Jacques Lange
Former President of Icograda (2005-2007)

David Berman, in this lively visual narrative, reveals for us the power of design to drive consumption and some of our unbecoming behavior of recent decades. Yet, more importantly, he speaks of the extraordinary potential to design to change the world, leading human behavior toward our aspirational destinies.
--Richard Grefe
Executive director, AIGA | the professional association for design

...just the right measure of passion and reticence...excellent.
--Ken Garland
Author, First Things First manifesto

A fine read.
--Steven Rosenberg
Past President, Society of Graphic Designers of Canada

I think the book is just great!
--Mervyn Kurlansky
Co-founder, Pentagram UK
Past-President, Icograda

It should be required reading, not only for all aspiring designers... but even more so for the established stars.
--Pete Kercher
Founder, EIDD - Design For All Europe

Über David B. Berman

David B. Berman is a strategic consultant with 30 years experience in universal design thinking. He has traveled to over 50 countries, as an expert speaker, high-level advisor to the U.N., Ethics Chair for graphic design in Canada, chair for accessible technology at Carleton University, and a vice president of Icograda, the world body for graphic design. Clients include IBM, the international Space Station, Sierra Club, and Canada's three largest federal government departments.



vii Forewords
1 Introduction
4 The Creative Brief: disarming the weapons of mass deception
6 Chapter 1: Start now
20 Chapter 2: Beyond green: a convenient lie
30 Chapter 3: Pop landscape
48 Chapter 4: The weapons: visual lies and manufactured needs
60 Chapter 5: Where the truth lies: the slippery slope
72 Chapter 6: Wine, women, and water
84 Chapter 7: Losing our senses

102 The Design Solution: Convenient Truths
104 Chapter 8: Why our time is the perfect time
120 Chapter 9: How to lie, how to tell the truth
128 Chapter 10: How we do good is how we do good
134 Chapter 11: Professional climate change

146 The Do good Pledge
148 Chapter 12: What can one professional do?
159 Appendix A: First Things First manifesto
160 Appendix B: Excerpt from the GDC Code of Ethics
161 Appendix C: Excerpt from AIGA's Standards of Professional

162 Appendix D: The road to Norway and China
165 Notes
171 Index
177 Questions for discussion
178 Acknowledgements: a small group of concerned citizens
180 About the author

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Do Good Design: How Design Can Change Our World David B. Berman
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