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Micro Monsters: In Your Body von Clare Hibbert

Micro Monsters: In Your Body Clare Hibbert

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MICRO MONSTERS! They're everywhere. What are they? Tiny living things you can't see

Micro Monsters: In Your Body Zusammenfassung

Micro Monsters: In Your Body Clare Hibbert

Did you know there were tiny living things on your body that you can't see? Some are bacteria, others are mould, others are tiny little insects! But what do they do and what do they look like? Find out about the good ones and the bad ones! Full-page photographs of these alien-like creatures in high magnification reveals their horror (or even their beauty). This book supports natural history studies and the KS2 and KS3 science curriculum where appropriate.

It is part of a series, Micro Monsters which takes a close up look at the tiny creatures that are around us all the time and which we cannot see with the naked eye. Some are harmless, some are just pests, and some are deadly. From bedbugs to zooplankton and from bacteria to water fleas, all microscopic life is here. The revelation of the places these creatures inhabit will have readers squirming in their seats as they find out how these mini monsters can help and hinder humans.

Über Clare Hibbert

Clare specializes in non-fiction books for children of pre- and primary school age. Her favourite subjects are animals, history, art and culture. She has been shortlisted for the prestigious Aventis Junior Science Prize, and won a dozen Practical Pre-School Gold Awards. When she's not writing, Clare likes spending time with her family, taking long walks, going to the theatre and watching contemporary dance - her favourite dancer is Akram Khan.


  • 1: The world of micro monsters
  • 1: Itchy nits
  • 1: In your face
  • 1: Weepy peepers
  • 1: Mouth monsters
  • 1: Common cold
  • 1: Skin crawlers
  • 1: The anti-monster brigade
  • 1: Good gut flora
  • 1: Tummy bugs
  • 1: Tiny worms
  • 1: Foot fungus
  • 1: High jumpers
  • 1: Glossary
  • 1: Further information
  • 1: Measuring the microscopic world
  • 1: Index

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Micro Monsters: In Your Body Clare Hibbert
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Hachette Children's Group
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