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Cobain Unseen Charles R. Cross

Cobain Unseen von Charles R. Cross

Cobain Unseen Charles R. Cross

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The first authorised, illustrated biography of Kurt Cobain is a treasure trove packed with rare material, inserts, and keepsakes.

Cobain Unseen Zusammenfassung

Cobain Unseen Charles R. Cross

An unparalleled look inside the brilliant mind of one of America's most revered rock legends, Cobain collects unseen artifacts and photographs from the estates archives to form a fascinating portrait of the creativity, madness, and genius of Kurt Cobain. Never-before-seen personal items and photographs take readers deeper inside Cobain's life than theyve ever been, and interactive features, such as Kurt's handwritten sticker-sheet of Nirvana name tags, facsimiles of unseen journal pages, and gatefolds of his graffiti-embellished guitars make this an essential keepsake. An audio CD possibly containing unreleased spoken-word material by Cobain, will be included. Accompanying the previously unpublished images and memorabilia is a compelling biographical narrative by Sunday Times bestselling author Charles R. Cross.

Cobain Unseen Bewertungen

Praise for COBAIN UNSEEN: -- . 'Lavishly illustrated and beautifully and thoughtfully designed, this is as endlessly captivating as it is heartbreaking, and an essential companion volume to Heavier Than Heaven *****' -- Q Magazine 20091103 'Unbelievable... beautifully put together and completely intriguing... I've never seen a book like this... incredible' -- BBC 6 Music - George Lamb Show 20081103 'frightening, intrusive and engrossing...*****' -- ZOO Magazine 20081021 'the result is a fascinating hotchpotch of material' -- Evening Standard 20081212 'The inclusion of a CD of never-before-heard recordings is a masterstroke' -- GQ 20081103 'An unprecedented insight into the man who added angst 'n' alienation to rock 'n' roll' -- MAXIM 20091103 'A visual reminder of why Cobain had such an impact and why his legacy endures' -- ELLE Magazine 20081107 Praise for Heavier than Heaven -- : 20081107 'Cross pieced together a remarkably revealing visual history of Cobain's private life - It's that intangible thing that made him a star.' -- Rolling Stone 20081107 'I was very glad to read this biography, the result of four years' research and 400 interviews, not to mention the sainted Kurt's police and medical records AND his unpublished journals. I was in hog heaven all the way through - in a caring, wistful way, of course.' -- Julie Burchill, Guardian 20081107 'Cross's portrayal of a shy but prodigiously gifted child, in artistic as well as musical terms, is a joy to read' -- Observer 20081107 'Superbly researched and harrowing...The squalor is ghastly but the sheer sadness of Cobain's brief life is beautifully conveyed here. Cross has painstakingly accumulated a wealth of telling detail.' -- Robert Sandall, Sunday Times 20081107 'A remarkable revealing visual history of Cobain's private life.' -- Rolling Stone 20081022

Über Charles R. Cross

Charles R. Cross is the author of five books, including the award-winning bestseller Heavier Than Heaven: The Biography of Kurt Cobain. His writing has appeared in Rolling Stone, Esquire, Spin, and numerous other magazines.

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Cobain Unseen Charles R. Cross
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