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Regis Debray is professor of philosophy in the Faculte de Lettres at the Universite de Lyon III. Founder and editor of Les Cahiers de mediologie, former aide to president Francois Mitterand, erstwhile associate of Che Guevara, and captive cause celebre in Bolivia (1967--1970), he is the author of numerous books, including Media Manifestos: On the Technological Transmission of Cultural Forms; Charles de Gaulle: Futurist of the Nation; Against Venice; Revolution in the Revolution?; and Teachers, Writers, Celebrities: The Intellectuals of Modern France. His political memoir, Blessed Be Our Gods, is forthcoming.
Un ete avec Paul Valery par Regis Debray
Un ete avec Paul ValeryRegis Debray
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5,40 €
Un Candide En Terre Sainte par Regis Debray
Un Candide En Terre SainteRegis Debray
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5,70 €
Cours de Mediolog Gener par Regis Debray
Cours de Mediolog GenerRegis Debray
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28,00 €
God par Regis Debray
GodRegis Debray
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16,00 €
Charles De Gaulle par Regis Debray
Charles De GaulleRegis Debray
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13,50 €
Prison Writings par Regis Debray
Prison WritingsRegis Debray
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39,00 €
Strategy for Revolution par Regis Debray
Strategy for RevolutionRegis Debray
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11,00 €
Old Testament: Through 100 Masterpieces of Art par Regis Debray
Old Testament: Through 100 Masterpieces of ArtRegis Debray
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11,50 €
Praised Be Our Lords par Regis Debray
Praised Be Our LordsRegis Debray
Comme neuf
27,00 €
The Revolution On Trial par Regis Debray
The Revolution On TrialRegis Debray
État d'usage
10,00 €
Che's Guerrilla War par Regis Debray
Che's Guerrilla WarRegis Debray
État d'usage
14,00 €
Civilization par Regis Debray
CivilizationRegis Debray
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12,50 €
Media Manifestos par Regis Debray
Media ManifestosRegis Debray
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18,00 €