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Milner Craft Books

Dimensional Embroidery By Helan Pearce
Dimensional Embroideryby Helan Pearce
Very Good
Goldwork Embroidery By Mary Brown
Goldwork Embroideryby Mary Brown
Very Good
French Knot Pictures By Christine Harris
French Knot Picturesby Christine Harris
Very Good
Needle Painting Embroidery By Trish Burr
Needle Painting Embroideryby Trish Burr
Very Good
Stumpwork Dragonflies By Jane Nicholas
Stumpwork Dragonfliesby Jane Nicholas
Very Good
Whitework with Colour By Trish Burr
Whitework with Colourby Trish Burr
Classic Hardanger By Gina Marion
Classic Hardangerby Gina Marion
Very Good
Freeformations By Jenny Dowde
Freeformationsby Jenny Dowde
Very Good
Embroidery Illusions By Gary Clarke
Embroidery Illusionsby Gary Clarke
Well Read
Bullion Stitch Embroidery By Jenny Bradford
Bullion Stitch Embroideryby Jenny Bradford
Very Good
Creative Hardanger By Gina Marion
Creative Hardangerby Gina Marion
Very Good
Embroider a Garden By Diana Lampe
Embroider a Gardenby Diana Lampe
Very Good
Wool Embroidery Collection By Gail Rogers
Wool Embroidery Collectionby Gail Rogers
Very Good
Textured Crochet Lace By Renate Kirkpatrick
Textured Crochet Laceby Renate Kirkpatrick
Very Good
Wildflower Embroidery By Annette Rich
Wildflower Embroideryby Annette Rich
Very Good
Netted Lace By Margaret Morgan
Netted Laceby Margaret Morgan
Cottage Garden Embroidery By Judy Newman
Cottage Garden Embroideryby Judy Newman
Very Good
Surface Works By Jenny Dowde
Surface Worksby Jenny Dowde
Very Good
Ribbon Renaissance By Helen Eriksson
Ribbon Renaissanceby Helen Eriksson
Very Good
Machine Embroidery By Kristen Dibbs
Machine Embroideryby Kristen Dibbs
Like New
Simply Applique By Yolanda Gifford
Simply Appliqueby Yolanda Gifford
Very Good
Schwalm Embroidery By Christine Bishop
Schwalm Embroideryby Christine Bishop
Very Good