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Lost Species Jess French

Lost Species By Jess French

Lost Species by Jess French

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Journey back in time and meet some of the world's most extraordinary lost creatures - from the awe-inspiring woolly mammoth and the ferocious Spinosaurus to the shy Chinese river dolphin and incredibly rare Pinta Island tortoise 'Lonesome George'.

Lost Species Summary

Lost Species by Jess French

Step into an incredible lost world and marvel at the strange and magnificent creatures that once roamed our Earth.

From the awe-inspiring woolly mammoth and the ferocious Spinosaurus to the shy Chinese river dolphin and incredibly rare Pinta Island tortoise 'Lonesome George', meet 35 extinct species and discover how these creatures came under threat. Featuring additional information on 'Lazarus species' (animals declared extinct but which, amazingly, have been rediscovered in the wild), and mass extinction events, including the part we are playing in endangering our wildlife, the book shows young readers that extinction is not simply a part of ancient history - it is happening right now across the planet - but that if we all make some small changes to our lifestyles, our wonderful species can be saved.

With beautiful and vibrant illustrations throughout, this stunning large format compendium is a reminder of the remarkable animals we have lost, as well as a celebration of those that have returned from the brink of extinction.

About Jess French

Jess French (Author)
Jess French is a passionate vet, zoologist and naturalist who has been named one of Britain's top 50 conservationists by BBC Wildlife magazine. She presented her own TV series on CBeebies called Minibeast Adventure with Jess and worked on Live 'n' Deadly (CBBC), Deadly Mission Madagascar (CBBC), Springwatch (BBC) and Micro Monsters 3D (Sky). Jess has written several books for children, including the Born Free series for Orion Children's Books.

Daniel Long (Illustrator)
Daniel Long is a Norfolk-based illustrator and graduate of Norwich University of the Arts. Daniel's striking artwork is all created digitally. He enjoys adding lots of textures and shading to give depth and intensity to an image. This is his first book for Wren & Rook.

Table of Contents

  • 4: Lost But Not Forgotten
  • 6: World Map of Extinct Species
  • 8: Velociraptor and Protoceratops
  • 10: Woolly mammoth
  • 12: Chinese river dolphin
  • 14: Formosan clouded leopard
  • 16: Kunbarrasaurus
  • 18: Giant moa
  • 20: Thylacine and gastric brooding frog
  • 22: Spinosaurus
  • 24: Malagasy dwarf hippopotamus, koala lemur and giant aye-aye
  • 26: Dodo
  • 28: Atlas bear
  • 30: Megalodon
  • 32: Cameroceras and Giant sea scorpion
  • 34: Steller's sea cow
  • 36: Patagotitan
  • 38: Glyptodon and Megatherium
  • 40: Pinta Island tortoise
  • 42: Quetzalcoatlus
  • 44: Dire wolf and sabre-toothed cat
  • 46: Passenger pigeon and Carolina parakeet
  • 48: Jamaica giant galliwasp and Jamaican racer
  • 50: Meganeura
  • 52: Cave hyena
  • 54: Great auk
  • 56: Pyrenean ibex and aurochs
  • 58: Lazarus species
  • 60: Mass extinction events
  • 62: Extinction timeline

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Lost Species by Jess French
Hachette Children's Group
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