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Books by Adam Bray

Lorraine Cink is a comedian and writer for Marvel's weekly web show, The Watcher. But don't let that comedy background fool you, she is a serious Marvel expert who really knows how to make her deep knowledge accessible and entertaining to a wide audience. She lives in New York City.

Adam Bray is a frequent contributor to DK Star Wars (TM) and LEGO (R) Star Wars books, including Ultimate Star Wars and the best-selling Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know. Visit him online at

Stephen "Win" Wiacek has worked in all areas of the comics industry since the 1980s. Stephen lives in London and has contributed to DK's DC Comics Encyclopedia, and numerous other comic book-related titles.

Melanie Scott has written and contributed to a range of comic book publications, including Marvel Ultimate Fact Book, DC Comics: Ultimate Character Guide - New Edition, and LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Ultimate Quiz Book, all by DK.

Cover artwork is by esteemed comic-book artist Adi Granov.