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Our customers understand what we are trying to do. They love books and reading. They appreciate being able to buy books at a reasonable price and we love seeing their delight with their new purchases on social media.

They also appreciate the service we provide. Books are checked for quality three-times before being sent out and, while mistakes may still happen, we deal with problems swiftly by email or phone.

Ziffit too has an engaged customer-base, who recognise the value of the goods they sell on to us, and also of their time – appreciating the ease they can sell on to us. In fact, up to 80% of Ziffit customers each month are repeat sellers.

Memories - delivered

Books are more than just paper and ink. Books, and the stories and knowledge they contain, can reconnect us to our past.

Lots of people buy books from us to rediscover a much-loved childhood story with their own children. Getting the same version, with the same cover, can keep the nostalgia coming.

But imagine opening your new book and seeing a familiar inscription. One written to you from a relative many decades before. That is exactly what happened to one of our customers, made more unlikely by that fact the annual she bought travelled halfway around the globe to reach her in Australia.

A book can also open doors into your history. Ata Ikiddeh was delighted to find a book about the history and traditions of the Ibibio people, to which he belongs, while visiting the UK; a book he had been searching for, without success, in Nigeria for months. He was so pleased he made the trip to Goring-by-Sea to collect it in person and speak with Mike Laundon from World of Books. The book was printed in the 1920s and has been out of print for many decades.

For another family history enthusiast, a book - ‘An Iceland Fisherman’ written in 1886 by Pierre Loti - filled the gaps in her family history, which spans publishing dynasties, brewers and cinematographers. It was translated by her great-great-great grandfather’s, second wife’s, first husband!