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Brilliant Positive Psychology By Charlotte Style

Brilliant Positive Psychology by Charlotte Style

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This text explains the basic concepts and focus of positive psychology in a straight-forward and accessible way, looking at everything that contributes to wellbeing and happiness, and showing readers how to apply this to improve all areas of life. It illustrates what makes us happy, fulfilled, healthy, creative and resilient.

Brilliant Positive Psychology Summary

Brilliant Positive Psychology: What Makes us Happy, Optimistic and Motivated by Charlotte Style

Every aspect of your life can be improved with positive psychology.

Positive psychology helps us build resilience, optimism, emotional intelligence, meaning, self-esteem, wisdom, motivation and much more! It wakes us up to the power of feeling good, thinking positively and acting generously. With positive psychology we can be healthier, live longer and feel more fulfilled there is nothing more important this.

Brilliant Positive Psychology reveals the principles and practices of positive psychology, and shows you how you can incorporate them into your life today. Packed with exercises and written specifically to coach you through the building blocks of positive psychology, it will help you to bring out your very best and guide you, step by step, towards a life brimming with happiness and fulfilment.

Brilliant outcomes

Understand what you can do, right now, to feel better.

Learn simple practices to improve your well-being.

Discover your strengths and how to use them.

About Charlotte Style

Charlotte Style has been interested in the subjects of happiness and 'living a good life' for the last twenty years. Her primary interests are philosophy and spirituality and she holds a double honors degree in both philosophy and theology. For the last ten years she has worked as a co-active coach, working with a wide and diverse client base. Recently she became one of the first positive psychology graduates in Europe.

Table of Contents

Publisher's acknowledgements

1 What is brilliant about positive psychology

Background and history

How positive psychology as an idea came to be

The terms of happiness

How to measure happiness and well-being

What the research says

Nothing is in isolation

The power of choice

2 Happiness and psychological well-being

Two ways to be happy

The happiness formula

Happiness and sorrow

Happiness as a measure of psychological well-being

Psychological well-being

How strong are the foundations of your psychological well-being?

Happiness and time

Happiness and choice

3 How to build positive feelings and become happier

The importance of positive emotions

Positive emotion as a positive resource

Building positive feelings: how to increase lasting positive emotion

Finding flow

Becoming present

How to become more present

Feeling good in and beyond the present moment lasting pleasure

4 Do more of what you love and set better goals

Do you get up in the morning excited about the day?

Natural talent

Being authentic

Remembering flow

Finding your strengths

Using strengths to express values

What do we mean by values?

Three important points to remember about using your strengths




Positive thinking is better thinking

Positive steps to achieving your goals

Past experiences and their influence on your goals

Is action in conflict with your values?

Goals and fear

Improving self-efficacy or self-belief

5 Emotional well-being: building better relationships with ourselves and others

Emotional control

Emotional intelligence

Catching your feelings

Putting emotional intelligence to work

Building a positive relationship with your romantic partner

Putting positive psychology to work with your partner and all close relationships

Self-regard, your relationship with yourself

6 How to become more resilient and cope better

What is resilience?

What makes a resilient person?

The role of perception

Attributional and explanatory style

Taming the gremlin

Building an optimistic explanatory style

The power of optimism

Coping optimistically and building your resilience

Emotional coping strategies

7 Find out what matters: having purpose in your life

Why do we need meaning/purpose?

How to find meaning

Values that identify us socially and culturally

Finding what we need and value is just the beginning!

Create a mission statement

Living authentically


Money and fame

The cost of materialistic values

8 Getting wise: developing your spiritual well-being


Developing your spirituality

p; The advantages of religious belief and practice

Spiritual practices that support well-being



9 Positive health: how to build physical well-being and live longer

Physical well-being

Having fun and getting healthy

How to develop healthy habits

10 Putting positive psychology to work at work

Positive psychology applied to performance and achievement

Positive psychology applied to business relationships

Positive psychology and meaningful work

Transformational leadership

Happiness at work





List of values

Useful bibliography



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Brilliant Positive Psychology: What Makes us Happy, Optimistic and Motivated by Charlotte Style
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