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Facebook For Dummies Carolyn Abram

Facebook For Dummies By Carolyn Abram

Facebook For Dummies by Carolyn Abram

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Facebook For Dummies Summary

Facebook For Dummies by Carolyn Abram

Be a new face on Facebook!

If you're new to the Facebook user community, don't be shy: you're joining around 2.7 billion users (roughly two-and-a-half Chinas) worldwide, so you'll want to make sure you're being as sociable as possible. And with more functionality and ways to say hello-like 3-D photos and Video Chat rooms-than ever before, Facebook For Dummies is the perfect, informative companion to get and new and inexperienced users acquainted with the main features of the platform and comfortable with sharing posts, pictures (or whatever else you find interesting) with friends, family, and the world beyond!

In a chatty, straightforward style, your friendly hosts, Carolyn Abram and Amy Karasavas-both former Facebook employees-help you get settled in with the basics, like setting up your profile and adding content, as well as protecting your privacy when you want to decide who can and can't see your posts. They then show you how to get involved as you add new friends, toggle your newsfeed, shape your timeline story, join groups, and more. They even let you in on ways to go pro and use Facebook for work, such as building a promo page and showing off your business to the world. Once you come out of your virtual shell, there'll be no stopping you!

  • Build your profile and start adding friends
  • Send private messages and instant notes
  • Share your memories
  • Tell stories about your day
  • Set your privacy and curate your news feed

Don't be a wallflower: with this book you have the ideal icebreaker to get the party started so you can join in with all the fun!

About Carolyn Abram

Carolyn Abram was a Facebook employee when the site was young. Her work explaining how to use Facebook began then and has continued ever since. She is also a fiction writer.

Amy Karasavas is a former Facebook employee who helped launch app directories, developers' resources, and user testing tools. She currently works as a sommelier.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 3

Beyond the Book 3

Where to Go from Here 3

Part 1: Getting Started 5

Chapter 1: The Many Faces of Facebook 7

So What Is Facebook, Exactly? 8

Discovering What You Can Do on Facebook 10

Connecting with friends 10

Discovering what's going on with your friends 11

Establishing a timeline 11

Communicating with Facebook friends 12

Sharing your thoughts 12

Sharing your pictures and videos 13

Planning events 14

Joining and creating groups 14

Using Facebook around the Internet 14

Promoting a business 15

Fundraising for a cause 15

Keeping in Mind What You Can't Do on Facebook 16

You can't lie 17

You can't be 12 or younger 17

You can't troll, spam, or harass 17

You can't upload illegal content 18

Realizing How Facebook Is Different from Other Social Sites 18

Finding Out How You Can Use Facebook 19

Getting information 19

Keeping up with long-distance friends 19

Moving to a new city 20

Getting a job 20

Throwing a reunion 20

Finding a happily ever after 21

Entertaining yourself and playing games 21

Communicating in times of trouble 21

Chapter 2: Adding Your Face 23

Signing Up for Facebook 23

Checking Your Inbox 25

Confirmation 25

Email outreach 25

Getting Started 26

Step 1: Adding a profile picture 26

Step 2: Finding your friends 28

Step 3: Getting to know your privacy settings 29

Introducing Your New Home Page 29

Adding More Friends 31

Filling out Your Profile Information 32

Chapter 3: Finding Your Way Around 35

Checking Out the Top Bar 36

Search 40

Viewing Stories and News Feed 41

Stories 41

News Feed 41

The Left Sidebar 42

The top section 42

Your shortcuts 44

The littlest links 46

Right On 46

Sponsored 47

Your Pages 47

Birthdays 47

Contacts 47

Part 2: Day-to-Day Facebook 49

Chapter 4: Reading News Feed and Posting 51

Your Daily News Feed 52

Anatomy of a News Feed post 53

Common actions and content 54

Checking out stories 59

Viewing stories 60

Interacting with Your News Feed 61

Liking 61

Reacting 62

Liking (or following) Pages 62

Commenting 63

Sharing 66

Saving 67

Adjusting News Feed 68

Hiding posts and people 68

News Feed preferences 70

Sharing Your Own News 71

Status updates 72

Figuring out what to say 73

Beyond the basic status update 74

Creating a story 78

Controlling who sees your posts 80

Chapter 5: Timeline: The Story of You 83

Making a First Impression 84

Changing your cover photo 85

Editing your profile picture 86

Adding a frame to your profile picture 88

Adding a bio 89

Telling Your Story 90

Creating posts 90

Creating life events 93

Editing posts 95

Checking out your intro and more 96

Telling the World about Yourself 98

Adding work and education info 99

Adding the places you've lived 101

Adding contact and basic info 102

Adding family and relationships 103

Adding details about yourself 105

Adding life events 105

Viewing Timeline Tabs 105

Your Friends and Your Timeline 106

Chapter 6: Understanding Privacy and Safety 109

Knowing Your Audience 110

Changing Privacy as You Post 113

Understanding Your Timeline Privacy 114

Getting a Privacy Checkup 115

Who Can See What You Share topic 116

How to Keep Your Account Secure topic 117

How People Can Find You on Facebook topic 118

Your Data Settings on Facebook topic 119

Your Ad Preferences on Facebook topic 119

Navigating the Settings Page 120

General section 121

Security and Login section 122

Your Facebook Information section 124

Privacy section 127

Face Recognition section 129

Profile and Tagging section 129

Public Posts section 131

Blocking section 133

Location section 136

Language and Region section 137

Stories section 138

Notifications section 138

Mobile section 140

Apps and Websites section 140

Instant Games section 141

Business Integrations section 142

Ads section 142

Advertisers section 142

Ad Topics section 143

Ad Settings section 143

Ads Payments section 145

Facebook Pay section 145

Support Inbox section 145

Videos section 146

Understanding Privacy Shortcuts 146

Checking out Facebook's privacy tools 149

Remembering that it takes a village to raise a Facebook 152

Peeking Behind the Scenes 153

Protecting minors 154

Preventing spam and viruses 154

Preventing phishing 154

One Final Call to Use Your Common Sense 155

Chapter 7: Facebook on the Go 157

The Facebook App 158

Layout and navigation 158

News Feed 164

Reacting to Posts 165

Commenting on posts 166

Post and News Feed options 166

Posting from the App 168

Photo Posts 170

Taking photos and creating videos to share 175

Creating Facebook stories 177

Viewing and interacting with stories 180

Checking Out Timelines 181

Using Groups 185

Viewing an event 185

Facebook Messenger 186

Navigating Messenger 187

Viewing and sending messages 188

Video calls 190

The Facebook Family of Mobile Apps 190

Instagram 190

WhatsApp 191

Messenger Kids 191

Facebook Local 191

Facebook on Your Mobile Browser 191

Mobile Home 192

Mobile timelines 193

Mobile inbox 194

Facebook Texts 194

Mobile settings 196

Mobile notifications 196

Part 3: Connecting with Friends 197

Chapter 8: Finding Facebook Friends 199

What Is a Facebook Friend? 200

Adding Friends 201

Sending friend requests 201

Accepting friend requests 202

Choosing your friends wisely 203

Finding Your Friends on Facebook 203

Checking out people you may know 203

Browsing friends' friends 204

Using the search box 205

Managing How You Interact with Friends 207

News Feed preferences 207

Following 208

Unfriending 209

Chapter 9: Just between You and Me: Facebook Messenger 211

Sending a Message 212

Sending a group message 213

Sending a link 214

Sending a photo 214

Sending a sticker 214

Sending a GIF 215

Sending an emoji 215

Sending payment 216

Sending an attachment 217

Sending an instant emoji 217

Starting a video or voice call 217

Managing Messages 218

Checking Out the Chat List 221

Navigating Messenger 222

Message requests 224

Conversations in the inbox 225

Messenger settings 226

Getting into Rooms 226

Messaging on the Go Using the Messenger App 228

Messenger Kids 229

Chapter 10: Sharing with Facebook Groups 231

Evaluating a Group 232

Sharing with a Group 235

Using the share box 235

Creating events 238

Using files and docs 239

Reading and commenting on posts 242

Group Dynamics 243

Controlling notifications 243

Searching a group 244

Adding friends to a group 245

Creating Your Own Groups 245

Adding detail to your group 247

Deciding a group type 248

Being a Group Administrator 248

Scheduling posts 249

Pinning announcements 249

Managing a group 250

Adjusting group settings 252

Interpreting insights 253

Editing members 253

Reporting offensive groups and posts 255

Part 4: Getting the Most from Facebook 257

Chapter 11: Filling Facebook with Photos and Videos 259

Viewing Photos from Friends 259

Photos in News Feed 260

Photo viewer 261

The album view 262

Viewing photos on your mobile device 263

Viewing tagged photos and videos of yourself 264

Adding Photos to Facebook 265

Uploading photos 265

Creating an album 271

Editing and Tagging Photos 274

Editing albums 274

Editing a photo 275

Automatic albums 278

Working with Video 278

Viewing videos 279

Adding a video from your computer 280

Adding a video from the Facebook app 280

Live video 281

Discovering Privacy 282

Photo and video privacy 282

Privacy settings for photos and videos of yourself 283

Chapter 12: Buying, Selling, and Fundraising 285

Getting the Most Out of Marketplace 286

Browsing and buying in Marketplace 286

Live shopping 289

Selling your stuff on Marketplace 290

Posting jobs on Marketplace 292

Marketplace inbox 294

Using Marketplace on your phone 294

Belonging to Buy/Sell Groups 297

Browsing and buying in a Buy/Sell group 297

Selling items in a Buy/Sell group 298

Using Buy/Sell groups on your phone 299

Fundraising for Causes 300

Donating to a fundraiser 300

Facebook Pay 301

Creating your own fundraiser 302

Promoting and managing your fundraiser 304

Chapter 13: Scheduling Your Life with Events 307

You're Invited! 307

Public Events 310

Viewing Events 311

Creating an Event 312

Inviting guests 314

Managing Your Event 315

Editing your event's info 315

Canceling the event 316

Messaging your event's guests 316

Removing guests 317

Chapter 14: Creating a Page for Promotion 319

Getting to Know Pages 320

Anatomy of a Page 320

Connecting and interacting with Pages 322

Creating a Facebook Page 324

Do I need a Page? 324

Creating your Page 325

Getting started 326

Sharing as a Page 329

The share box 330

Creating specialty posts 334

Using Facebook as Your Page 336

Liking, commenting on, and sharing posts 336

Liking other Pages 337

Managing a Page 338

News Feed 338

Inbox 339

Business App Store 342

Resources & Tools 342

Manage Jobs 342

Notifications 342

Insights: Finding out who is using your Page 343

Publishing tools 345

Ad Center 346

Page Quality 346

Edit Page Info 346

Page settings 347

Chapter 15: Using Facebook with Games, Websites, and Apps 355

Understanding What Apps Need 356

The basics 356

The slightly less basics 357

Permission to act 358

Games on Facebook 358

Playing instant games on Facebook 358

Playing web games on Facebook 360

Inviting and notifying 361

Posting 361

Watching game videos 362

Viewing your gaming activity 363

Keeping your games close 363

Using Facebook Outside Facebook 364

Mobile Apps and Facebook 366

Managing Your Games, Websites, and Apps 367

Adjusting your app permissions 369

Making additional app settings 369

Learning more 369

Removing apps 369

Adjusting your preferences 370

Controlling what you see from friends 371

Reporting offensive apps 371

Part 5: The Part of Tens 373

Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Make the Most of Your Facebook Content 375

Remembering the Past 375

Scrapbooking Baby Photos (Mobile Only) 376

Framing Your Profile Picture 377

Adding Dimension 377

Giving Your Photos Some Flair 378

Reviewing the Last Year (or Years) 379

Making Your Status Stand Out 379

Tagging It All 380

Using Stickers or GIFs in Your Messages 380

Friend-a-versaries 381

Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Be Politically Active on Facebook 383

Familiarize Yourself with the Voting Information Center 383

Share Your Voting Status 384

Spend Time in the Town Hall 385

Join Relevant Groups 386

Fundraise for a Cause 386

Organize a Digital Grassroots Campaign 386

Fact-Check Your Sources 387

Beware of Click-Bait 387

Don't Feed the Trolls 388

Mute What Drives You Crazy 388

Chapter 18: Ten Frequently Asked Questions 389

Do People Know When I Look at Their Timelines? 390

I Friended Too Many People and Now I Don't Like Sharing Stuff - What Can I Do? 390

Facebook Looks Different - Can I Change It Back? 391

I Have a Problem with My Account - Can You Help Me? 392

What Do I Do with Friend Requests I Don't Want to Accept? 392

Why Can't I Find My Friend? 393

Will Facebook Start Charging Me to Use the Site? 394

How Do I Convince My Friends to Join? 394

What If I Don't Want Everyone Knowing My Business? 395

Does Facebook Have a Feature That Lets Me Lock Myself Out for a Few Hours? 396

Index 397

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