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macOS Mojave For Dummies Bob LeVitus

macOS Mojave For Dummies By Bob LeVitus

macOS Mojave For Dummies by Bob LeVitus

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macOS Mojave For Dummies Summary

macOS Mojave For Dummies by Bob LeVitus

Pro tips for macOS from "Dr. Mac" Your shiny new iMac or trusty old MacBook both rely on macOS to help you get things done. It helps to have an equally reliable guidebook to steer you through the tasks and steps that make macOS run efficiently. This fun and friendly guide provides the direction you need to easily navigate macOS. Longtime expert Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus shares his years of experience to help you better understand macOS and make it a timesaving tool in your life. Take a tour of the macOS interface Get organized and save time with macOS applications Get pro tips on speeding up your Mac Back up your data with ease Covering the fundamentals of the OS and offering insight into the most common functions of macOS, this is indispensable reading for new or inexperienced macOS users.

About Bob LeVitus

Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus has been writing the "Dr. Mac" column for the Houston Chronicle for more than 20 years. A regular contributor to a variety of technology publications, he's a proud Mac aficionado who's written or co-written more than 85 how-to books on all things Mac, including multiple Mac operating systems, the iPhone, the iPad, Office for the Mac, and GarageBand.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1 About This Book 1 Foolish Assumptions 3 Icons Used in This Book 3 Beyond the Book 4 Where to Go from Here 4 Part 1: macOS Basics 5 Chapter 1: macOS Mojave 101 (Prerequisites: None) 7 Gnawing to the Core of macOS 8 A Safety Net for the Absolute Beginner (or Any User) 10 Turning the dang thing on 10 What you should see on startup 11 Shutting down properly 14 A few things you should definitely not do with your Mac 15 Point-and-click Boot Camp 17 Not Just a Beatles Movie: Help and the Help Menu 19 Chapter 2: Desktop and Windows and Menus (Oh My!) 23 Touring Finder and Its Desktop 24 Anatomy of a Window 25 Top o' the window to ya! 28 A scroll new world 29 (Hyper)active windows 31 Dialog Dealie-Boppers 32 Working with Windows 34 Opening and closing windows 34 Resizing windows and window panes 35 Moving windows 36 Shuffling windows 36 Menu Basics 39 The ever-changing menu bar 39 Contextual menus: They're sooo contextual! 40 Recognizing disabled options 41 Navigating submenus 42 Under the Apple menu tree 43 Using keyboard shortcut commands 44 Chapter 3: What's Up, Dock? 45 A Quick Introduction to Your Dock 46 The default icons of the dock 46 Trash talkin' 49 Opening application menus on the dock 51 Reading dock icon body language 53 Opening files from the dock 54 Customizing Your Dock 54 Adding dock icons 54 Removing an icon from the dock 57 Resizing the dock 57 What should you put on your dock? 58 Setting your dock preferences 59 Chapter 4: Delving Deeper into Finder and Its Desktop 65 Introducing Finder and Its Minions: The Desktop and Icons 66 Introducing the desktop 66 Bellying up to the toolbar 68 Figuring out what an icon is 72 Identifying your Finder icons in the wild 72 Aliases Are Awesome! 74 Creating aliases 75 Deleting aliases 76 Hunting down an alias's parent 76 The View(s) from a Window 76 Moving through folders fast in Column view 76 Perusing in Icon view 79 Listless? Try touring folders in List view 79 Hangin' in the Gallery (view) 81 What's next on the (View) menu? 81 Finder on the Menu 83 The actual Finder menu 84 Like a road map: The current folder's pop-up menu 86 Going places with the Go menu 87 Customizing Finder Windows 89 Adding folders to the sidebar 89 Setting Finder preferences 90 Digging for Icon Data in the Info Window 93 Chapter 5: What's New in Mojave's Finder? 97 Cleaning Up Your Desktop Automatically with Stacks 98 Managing your Stacks 100 Quick Actions: Now Playing All Over Mojave 101 Getting the most out of Markup 101 Trimming video without launching an app 104 Do It Quicker with Finder Quick Actions 105 Creating PDFs without launching an app 105 Creating custom Finder Quick Actions 105 Four More Cool Mojave Tricks 106 Shooting screens 106 Dynamic desktop images 109 Recently used apps in the dock 109 Mentions of Gallery view 110 Part 2: How Stuff Works 113 Chapter 6: Having It Your Way 115 Introducing System Preferences 115 Putting a Picture on the Desktop 118 Setting Up a Screen Saver 120 Putting Widgets on the Dashboard 121 Giving Buttons, Menus, and Windows a Makeover 123 Adjusting the Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad, and Other Hardware 127 Styling Your Sound 135 Chapter 7: Opening and Saving Files 137 A Quick Primer on Finding Files 138 Understanding the macOS Folder Structure 138 Understanding nested folders 139 From the top: The Computer folder 140 Peeking into the Applications folder 141 Visiting the Library folders 141 Let it be: The System folder 142 There's no place like Home 143 Your personal library card 145 Saving Your Document Before It's Too Late 146 Stepping through a basic save 148 Save As versus Duplicate: Different names for the same result 154 Open, Sez Me 156 With drag-and-drop 157 With a Quick Look 158 When your Mac can't open a file 158 With the application of your choice 159 Chapter 8: File and Folder Management Made Easy 163 Organizing Your Stuff in Folders 163 Files versus folders 164 Organizing your stuff with subfolders 164 Creating new folders 166 Navigating with spring-loaded folders 167 Smart folders 168 Shuffling Files and Folders 170 Moving files and folders 171 Selecting multiple icons 172 Playing the icon name game: Renaming icons 173 Renaming multiple icons at once 174 Compressing files 174 Getting rid of icons 174 The Incredible iCloud Drive 175 Chapter 9: Comprehending the macOS Clipboard 177 Introducing the Clipboard 177 Copying Files and Folders 178 Pasting from the Clipboard 180 Mojave's Universal Clipboard 181 Part 3: Getting Things Done 183 Chapter 10: Four Terrific Timesaving Tools 185 With a Quick Look 186 Share and share alike with the Share menu 188 Slide into Slideshow (full-screen) mode 188 Spotlight on Finding Files and Folders Faster 189 Using the Find command 190 Using the Spotlight menu and its keyboard shortcut 192 Blast Off with Mission Control 193 The Mission Control pane: It's painless 194 Hot corners are hot stuff! 196 Mission Control's Spaces from 30,000 feet (an overview) 197 Getting around in space(s) 199 Launchpad: The Place for Applications 200 Chapter 11: Organizing Your Life 203 Keeping Track with Calendar 204 Navigating Calendar views 204 Creating calendars 205 Deleting a calendar 207 Creating and managing events 207 Reminders: Protection Against Forgetting 210 Getting started with Reminders 211 To do or not to do: Setting reminders 212 Everything You Need to Know about Notification Center 213 Use Notes for Making Notes 217 Chapter 12: Are You Siri-ous? 221 What Siri Can Do for You 221 Working with Siri 223 Making Siri Your Own 224 Chapter 13: Maps Are Where It's At 227 Finding your current location with Maps 227 Finding a person, place, or thing 228 Views, zooms, and pans 230 Maps and Contacts 231 Timesaving map tools: Favorites, Recents, and Contacts 232 Smart map tricks 234 Chapter 14: Four New (iOS) Apps in Mojave 239 Taking Stock of the Market with Stocks 240 Adding and deleting stocks, funds, and indexes 241 Details, details, details 242 Charting a course 242 Read All About It in News 244 What are your interests? 244 How News works 245 Managing your news 245 Recording Memos with Voice Memos 246 Recording a voice memo 246 Listening to a voice memo 248 Naming a voice memo 248 Trimming a voice memo 249 Controlling Lights, Locks, and More with Home 250 Part 4: Getting Along with Others 251 Chapter 15: (Inter)Networking 253 Getting Connected to the Internet 254 Your Internet service provider and you 254 Plugging in your Internet-connection settings 255 Browsing the Web with Safari 257 Owning your toolbar 258 Using the Safari sidebar 261 Searching with Google 265 Protect Yourself from Malice (and Ads) 267 Checking out Help Center 267 Audio and Video Calls with FaceTime 267 Chapter 16: Dealing with People 271 Collecting Your Contacts 271 Adding contacts 272 Importing contacts from other programs 274 Creating a basic group 275 Setting up a smart group (based on contact criteria) 276 Deleting a group or smart group 277 The view is lovely 277 Sync + Contacts = your contacts everywhere 278 Chapter 17: Communicating with Mail and Messages 281 Sending and Receiving Email with Mail 281 Setting up Mail 282 A quick overview of the toolbar 282 Composing a new message 285 Sending email from the Contacts app 287 Checking your mail 289 Dealing with spam 289 Mailboxes smart and plain 290 Changing your preferences 293 Sign here, please 294 Mail rules rule 295 Take a (Quick) look and (Slide) show me some photos 297 Markup and Mail Drop 298 Communicating with Messages 300 Chit-chatting with Messages 301 Chapter 18: Sharing Your Mac and Liking It 303 Introducing Networks and File Sharing 304 Portrait of home office networking 305 Three ways to build a network 306 Setting Up File Sharing 309 Access and Permissions: Who Can Do What 311 Users and groups and guests 311 Creating users 312 macOS knows best: Folders shared by default 319 Sharing a folder or disk by setting permissions 320 Useful settings for permissions 324 Unsharing a folder 327 Connecting to a Shared Disk or Folder on a Remote Mac 327 Changing Your Password 331 Changing your account password on your Mac 331 Changing the password of any account but your own on your Mac 332 Changing the password for your account on someone else's Mac 333 More Types of Sharing 334 Sharing a screen 334 Sharing the Internet 335 And yet more ways to share 336 Part 5: Getting Creative 337 Chapter 19: The Musical Mac 339 Apple Music and iTunes Match Rock! 340 Introducing iTunes 341 Working with Media 344 Adding songs 345 Adding movies and TV shows 347 Adding podcasts 348 Listening to iTunes Radio 349 All about Playlists 350 Creating a regular playlist 351 Filtering your Library with Column Browser 352 Working with smart playlists 353 Burning a playlist to CD 354 Looking at the Genius playlist 355 Chapter 20: The Multimedia Mac 357 Playing Movies and Music in QuickTime Player 357 Books App on the Mac 359 Buying an e-book 360 Shopping for e-books without Apple 362 Reading an e-book 363 You're the Star with Photo Booth 365 Viewing and Converting Images and PDFs in Preview 367 Importing Media 369 Downloading photos from a camera 369 Downloading DV video from a camcorder 371 Chapter 21: Words and Letters 373 Processing Words with TextEdit 373 Creating and composing a document 374 Working with text 375 Adding graphics to documents 379 Font Mania 380 Types of fonts 381 Managing your fonts with Font Book 381 Installing fonts manually 382 Chapter 22: Publish or Perish: The Fail-Safe Guide to Printing 385 Before Diving In 386 Ready: Connecting and Adding Your Printer 386 Connecting your printer 387 Setting up a printer for the first time 387 One last thing: Printer sharing 390 Set: Setting Up Your Document with Page Setup 390 Print: Printing with the Print Sheet 392 Printing a document 392 Choosing among different printers 393 Choosing custom settings 393 Saving custom settings 396 Preview and PDF Options 396 Part 6: Care and Feeding 399 Chapter 23: Features for the Way You Work 401 Finally, a Dark Mode 402 App Shopping, Improved 403 Using Your iPhone as Your Mac's Camera or Scanner 406 Talking and Listening to Your Mac 408 Keyboard System Preferences pane: You talk and your Mac types 409 Commanding your Mac by voice 410 Listening to your Mac read for you 413 Automatic Automation 415 Script Editor app: Write and edit AppleScripts 416 Automator app: Automate almost anything 417 A Few More Useful Goodies 420 Accessibility System Preferences pane: Make your Mac more accessible 420 Energy Saver System Preferences pane: For energy conservation and sleep 422 Bluetooth System Preferences pane: Where Bluetooth lives 423 Ink System Preferences pane: Visible to pen-input tablet users only 423 Automatic Login in the Users & Groups System Preferences pane: Don't bother with the login screen 424 Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac 424 Boot Camp Assistant app: Run Windows on your Mac really 425 AirPlay Mirroring 426 Handoff 426 Chapter 24: Safety First: Backups and Other Security Issues 429 Backing Up Is (Not) Hard to Do 430 Backing up with Mojave's excellent Time Machine 430 Backing up by using the manual, brute-force method 434 Backing up by using commercial backup software 435 Why You Need Two Sets of Backups 436 Non-Backup Security Concerns 436 About viruses and other malware 437 Firewall: Yea or nay? 439 Install recommended software updates 440 Protecting Your Data from Prying Eyes 441 Blocking or limiting connections 441 Locking down files with FileVault 442 Setting other options for security 443 Chapter 25: Utility Chest 445 In the Applications and Utilities Folders 445 Calculator 445 Activity Monitor 446 Disk Utility 448 Grapher 453 Keychain Access 453 Migration Assistant 456 System Information 456 Terminal 456 Capturing Your Screen 457 Mojave screen-shooting 101 458 Mojave screen-shooting options 461 Mojave screen recording 461 Chapter 26: Troubleshooting macOS 463 About Startup Disks and Booting 463 Finding or creating a startup disk 464 They call it a prohibitory sign for a reason 464 Recovering with Recovery HD 466 Step 1: Run First Aid 466 Step 2: Safe boot into Safe mode 467 Step 3: Zapping the PRAM/NVRAM 468 Step 4: Reinstalling macOS 469 Step 5: Things to try before taking your Mac in for repair 469 If Your Mac Crashes at Startup 470 Optimizing Storage 471 Part 7: The Part of Tens 473 Chapter 27: Ten Ways to Speed Up Your Mac Experience 475 Use Those Keyboard Shortcuts 476 Improve Your Typing Skills 477 Change Your Resolution 477 Get a Mac with a View - and Preferences, Too 479 Purchase a Faster Mac 481 Add a Second Display 482 Add RAM 482 Upgrade to a Solid-State Drive (SSD) 483 Upgrade to a New Hybrid Drive 483 Subscribe to My Free Newsletter 485 Chapter 28: Ten Great Websites for Mac Freaks 487 The Mac Observer 488 Macworld 488 TidBITS 488 iMore 489 AppleWorld.Today 489 The Wirecutter 490 Apple Support 491 Other World Computing 491 dealmac/dealnews 492 Working Smarter for Mac Users 493 Index 495

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