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Edward Hopper: The Story of His Life Sergio Rossi

Edward Hopper: The Story of His Life von Sergio Rossi

Edward Hopper: The Story of His Life Sergio Rossi

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A brilliant graphic novel that traces the life and work of Edward Hopper, one of America's most acclaimed artists.

Edward Hopper: The Story of His Life Zusammenfassung

Edward Hopper: The Story of His Life Sergio Rossi

This groundbreaking graphic novel delves into the life of the acclaimed artist Edward Hooper, whose iconic works depict quintessentially American scenes and experiences. While many of Hopper's most acclaimed works have been embraced by American culture, the artist himself rejected much of the lyricism and romance that his audience imposed on his paintings. This unique overview of Hopper's life and career offers a fascinating and unflinching portrait of an artist trying to establish himself and define his own style. Using Hopper's own words as a jumping off point, the book traces his roots as an art student and commercial illustrator; his life-changing time in Europe; his rocky relationship with his wife Jo, and his incredible success later in life. It also shows how, as he became increasingly famous, he grew more taciturn and resolute in his disparagement of American society and the labels thrust on him. Using clean lines and a palette that mimics Hopper's own, the book's illustrations reflect the style and substance of the artist's life--and help create a refreshing reconsideration of a creative genius who never wavered from his vision.

Über Sergio Rossi

SERGIO ROSSI is a novelist and scriptwriter. GIOVANNI SCARDUELLI is an illustrator, cartoonist, and graphic designer.

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Edward Hopper: The Story of His Life Sergio Rossi
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