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Bücher von Steve Woodward

Steve Woodward was a Police officer in Hampshire for more than 30 years, most of it on the Traffic Department dealing with countless road traffic accidents, many of them fatalities. For the last seven years of his service he took on the extra role as a Family Liaison Officer to assist bereaved families through the trauma of losing a loved one. There are a number of reasons why he felt compelled to write a book on a subject that has never been brought to the public's attention before now. He wanted to highlight the trauma that families go through, not just on the day he had to break the awful news to them, but for months, even years afterwards. He also wanted to show how inadequate the judicial system is in bringing justice and solace to the families and finally to show that not all police work is about catching burglars, big car chases and pub fights. It's about helping people at the very lowest point in their lives.
Kilo Sierra Five One von Steve Woodward
Kilo Sierra Five OneSteve Woodward
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