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Bücher von Stephen Williams

Pete Bull spent six months as a day hospital outpatient in South London in 1997 when he was 18, attended several universities, dropped out, had more than 40 jobs and travelled through Australia before qualifying as an existential counsellor and psychotherapist in 2010. Since then he has qualified and worked as a CBT therapist and registered mental health nurse. He is currently a community mental health nurse in Brighton Jonathan Gadsby qualified as a mental health nurse in Bristol in 2001. He did a Masters in the philosophy and ethics of mental health at the University of Warwick and a PhD at Birmingham City University, under the direction of Mervyn Morris and Marius Romme. He now works as a teacher of mental health nurses and social workers at Birmingham City University. He was one of the founders of the Critical Mental Health Nurses' Network and has continued to contribute to their website as a writer and editor. Stephen Williams is a graduate psychologist, registered mental health nurse, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has a postgraduate qualification in higher education practice. He has been a lecturer-practitioner in mental health nursing at the University of Bradford for the past eight years, where he is Field Lead in Mental Health and also delivers a community education emotional health service, the Wellness Academy. Previously he has worked as a nurse specialist in psychological therapy in a community mental health team, lead nurse in a hi-functioning autism spectrum service and a research nurse exploring decision-making and service user satisfaction in specialist secondary-care mental health services.
Great Western Branch Line Modelling von Stephen Williams
Great Western Branch Line ModellingStephen Williams
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Fantastic Archaeology von Stephen Williams
Fantastic ArchaeologyStephen Williams
Leadership and Democracy von Stephen Williams
Leadership and DemocracyStephen Williams
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Dangerous Waters von Stephen Williams
Dangerous WatersStephen Williams
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Managing Workplace Stress von Stephen Williams
Managing Workplace StressStephen Williams
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Contemporary Employment Relations von Stephen Williams
Contemporary Employment RelationsStephen Williams
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The 4mm Coach von Stephen Williams
The 4mm CoachStephen Williams
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Come To The Opera! von Stephen Williams
Come To The Opera!Stephen Williams
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Woman: An Anthology For Men von Stephen Williams
Woman: An Anthology For MenStephen Williams
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