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Bücher von Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is an experienced software engineer and writer who spends his time working with Microsoft technologies, day in day out. Having spent the better part of a decade doing this, he is still remarkably sane! Richard currently works for BMS software -- an ADP company -- where he is a technical architecture manager. Richard is currently working on the development of a large-scale Internet-based payroll and HR system. Brian Francis is the Technical Sales Director for NCR's Web Kiosk Solutions. From his office in Duluth, Georgia, Brian is responsible for enlightening NCR and its customers on the technologies and tools used for Web Kiosk Applications. He spends a lot of time on planes and in airports -- wondering if this is what he went to college for. He is the author/co-author of numerous Wrox books including the Professional and Beginning ASP series of books, and is now totally immersed in the .NET world. When not working on writing, you can usually find Brian relaxing at the 19th hole after a round of golf. Alex Homer is a software developer and technical author living and working in the idyllic rural surroundings of the Derbyshire Dales, in the heart of England. Rather than doing a real job, he's discovered the raw excitement and frustration that comes with installing and playing with the latest and flakiest beta code he can find -- and then he writes about it. A long-time evangelist of ASP, he has been delving deep into the world of .NET, and has emerged a confirmed convert to ASP.NET Rob Howard is a Program Manager on Microsoft's .NET Framework Team. Within the .NET Framework Team, he specifically works on ASP.NET. He currently writes a column for MSDN online entitled Nothin' but ASP.NET, as well as writing the .NET Framework column for Windows 2000 magazine. David Sussman spent most of his professional life as a developer before realizing that writing was far more fun. He specializes in Internet and data access technologies, and spends much of his time delving into beta technologies. He's just moved house, so now has no money left to add more components to his ludicrously expensive hi-fi. Karli Watson is an in-house author for Wrox Press with a penchant for multi-colored clothing. He started out with the intention of becoming a world famous nanotechnologist, so perhaps one day you might recognize his name as he receives a Nobel Prize. For now, though, Karli's computing interests include all things mobile, and upcoming technologies such as C#. He can often be found preaching about these technologies at conferences, as well as after hours in drinking establishments. Karli is also a snowboarding enthusiast, and wishes he had a cat.
Cleanse & Purify Thyself von Richard Anderson
Cleanse & Purify ThyselfRichard Anderson
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Bespoke von Richard Anderson
BespokeRichard Anderson
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Bespoke von Richard Anderson
BespokeRichard Anderson
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Professional XML von Richard Anderson
Professional XMLRichard Anderson
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ASP 3.0 Programmer's Reference von Richard Anderson
ASP 3.0 Programmer's ReferenceRichard Anderson
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Melton Constable to Yarmouth Beach von Richard Anderson
Melton Constable to Yarmouth BeachRichard Anderson
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Retribution von Richard Anderson
RetributionRichard Anderson
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