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Bücher von Mike Brooke

Mike Brooke joined the RAF in 1962. After serving on the low-level strike/attack squadron, Brooke became a flying instructor and experimental test pilot. Further test flying tours followed, but in 1984, after 22 years in flying appointments, he was sent to the RAF Advanced Staff College. He was promoted to Wing Commander and took command of flying at RAF Farnborough, leaving the RAF in 1994. Brooke then became a test-flying consultant, finally retiring in 2004. In 1984, he was awarded the Air Force Cross by HM Queen Elizabeth. He is the author of "A Bucket of Sunshine" and "Follow Me Through."
Flying Past von Mike Brooke
Flying PastMike Brooke
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Fight for Sight on Theo's Future von Mike Brooke
Fight for Sight on Theo's FutureMike Brooke
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