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Bücher von Jonny Steinberg

Jonny Steinberg was born and bred in South Africa. He is the author of critically acclaimed Three Letter Plague, published by Vintage, Little Liberia, Midlands and The Number, which both won South Africa's premier non-fiction literary award and the Sunday Times Alan Paton Prize. Steinberg was educated at Wits University in Johannesburg, and at Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He has worked as a journalist on a national daily, written scripts for television drama, and has been a consultant to the South African government on criminal justice policy.
A Man of Good Hope von Jonny Steinberg
A Man of Good HopeJonny Steinberg
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One Day in Bethlehem von Jonny Steinberg
One Day in BethlehemJonny Steinberg
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Little Liberia von Jonny Steinberg
Little LiberiaJonny Steinberg
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The number von Jonny Steinberg
The numberJonny Steinberg
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Three-letter plague von Jonny Steinberg
Three-letter plagueJonny Steinberg
Three Letter Plague von Jonny Steinberg
Three Letter PlagueJonny Steinberg
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