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Bücher von John Keahey

John Keahey is a travel writer and former award-winning newsman. A native of Idaho and graduate of the University of Utah with degrees in history and marketing, he first stepped onto Italian soil in 1986. Enchanted by what he found--stunning ancient ruins, unique food, magnificent countryside, and, most important, warm and engaging people--he has returned nearly every year since. His other travel narratives include Seeking Sicily: A Cultural Journey Through Myth and Reality in the Heart of the Mediterranean, Venice Against the Sea: A City Besieged, and A Sweet and Glorious Land: Revisiting the Ionian Sea. Keahey lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and partner Connie Disney, a freelance book designer.
Sweet and Glorious Land von John Keahey
Sweet and Glorious LandJohn Keahey
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Venice Against the Sea von John Keahey
Venice Against the SeaJohn Keahey
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Hidden Tuscany von John Keahey
Hidden TuscanyJohn Keahey
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