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Bücher von Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell is a coauthor of Model-Based Software Testing and Analysis in C# and he has written several academic papers on mathematically rigorous approaches to software analysis. He is a founder and principal at Modeled Computation LLC, in Seattle. Author 2 Last Name: Miller Author 2 First Name: Ade Author 2 Bio: Ade Miller is currently a Principle Development Lead for Microsoft's patterns & practices group (p&p) where he manages p&p's agile development teams. His primary interests are parallel computing and in improving the way people develop software. He is one of the authors of Parallel Programming with Microsoft .NET: Design Patterns for Decomposition and Coordination on Multicore Architectures and is currently writing a similar book for Visual C++ developers. Ade also writes and speaks about his experiences with agile software development at Microsoft. Prior to leading the p&p development team Ade lead the development of the p&p Web Services Software Factory: Modeling Edition. He was a developer and then a Development Lead on Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 and 2008. Before joining Microsoft Ade worked on a variety of interesting projects including a web start-up, embedded languages, and High Performance Computing (HPC). Ade received his BSc and PhD in Physics from the University of Southampton, UK.
The Ironing Man Level 3 von Colin Campbell
The Ironing Man Level 3Colin Campbell
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The Lady in White Level 4 von Colin Campbell
The Lady in White Level 4Colin Campbell
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The Royal Marriages von Colin Campbell
The Royal MarriagesColin Campbell
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Learner-based Teaching von Colin Campbell
Learner-based TeachingColin Campbell
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What a Lottery! Starter/Beginner von Colin Campbell
What a Lottery! Starter/BeginnerColin Campbell
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Managing the Presidency von Colin Campbell
Managing the PresidencyColin Campbell
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Gilbert White von Colin Campbell
Gilbert WhiteColin Campbell
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Tuning for Economy von Colin Campbell
Tuning for EconomyColin Campbell
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Automobile Suspensions von Colin Campbell
Automobile SuspensionsColin Campbell
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The Real Diana von Colin Campbell
The Real DianaColin Campbell
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Catawba Point von Colin Campbell
Catawba PointColin Campbell
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Blue Knight, White Cross von Colin Campbell
Blue Knight, White CrossColin Campbell
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Burns & Laird von Colin Campbell
Burns & LairdColin Campbell
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Swing Gang von Colin Campbell
Swing GangColin Campbell
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Beggerstaff Posters von Colin Campbell
Beggerstaff PostersColin Campbell
Oil Crisis von Colin Campbell
Oil CrisisColin Campbell
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Governments Under Stress von Colin Campbell
Governments Under StressColin Campbell
The George W. Bush Legacy von Colin Campbell
The George W. Bush LegacyColin Campbell