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Fictional London Stephen Halliday

Fictional London par Stephen Halliday

Fictional London Stephen Halliday

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The only guide to London's literary landmarks is updated for this new edition

Fictional London Résumé

Fictional London: A Guide to the Capital's Literary Landmarks Stephen Halliday

'By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show.' - Samuel Johnson.

From Chaucer's pilgrims meeting in a Southwark inn to the Hogwarts Express leaving from King's Cross, London has always been a popular place for writers to weave into their own work. With its bustling, multicultural population and unique localised weather, the city is almost a character in its own right. Fictional London explores the capital through the eyes of both the reader and the writer. Celebrated London historian Stephen Halliday traces the stories from one end of London to the other, digging into the history and character that has made it an unrivalled source of inspiration for authors and poets from the Middle Ages to the early 2000s and beyond.

À propos de Stephen Halliday

Stephen Halliday is a lecturer, broadcaster and writer of many books and articles, with a particular interest in the history of London. He has previously published several books with The History Press, including Journey to Crossrail (2018), London's Markets (2014) and The Great Stink of London (2001). He has written for The Observer, BBC History and The Financial Times, as well as making several radio and television programmes based on his books.

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Fictional London: A Guide to the Capital's Literary Landmarks Stephen Halliday
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