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A Man About a Dog Nigel Rees

A Man About a Dog par Nigel Rees

A Man About a Dog Nigel Rees

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A Man About a Dog: Euphemisms and Other Examples of Verbal Squeamishness Nigel Rees

Quentin Crisp once quipped that euphemisms are unpleasant truths wearing diplomatic cologne. This leading commentator on the English language has ranged far and wide to collect and comment upon 2,467 examples of euphemistic phrases--those expressions that so inventively display the art of mincing words. From the politically correct to the highly incorrect, this book goes in ruthless pursuit of the coy, the prudish, the squeamish, the obfuscatory, and the blatant reshaping of the truth. So whether you have to see a man about a dog or just need to powder your nose, this entertaining reference will show you how not to say what you mean.

À propos de Nigel Rees

Nigel Rees is a leading authority on the use of well-known phrases and sayings. As a broadcaster, he is best-known as the deviser and presenter of BBC Radio's Quote...Unquote.

As an author, he has written many books devoted to quotations and aspects of the popular use of the English language, always emphasizing the humour in his subject.

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A Man About a Dog: Euphemisms and Other Examples of Verbal Squeamishness Nigel Rees
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