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Square Foot Gardening Mel Bartholomew

Square Foot Gardening par Mel Bartholomew

Square Foot Gardening Mel Bartholomew

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Written by a retired engineer and efficiency expert, this bestselling garden book features new illustrations and is fresher than ever, bringing the "square foot gardening" method to a new generation of enthusiasts.

Square Foot Gardening Résumé

Square Foot Gardening Mel Bartholomew

One of the bestselling garden books ever is fresher than ever! Ready to inspire a whole new generation of gardeners.

When he created the "square foot gardening" method, Mel Bartholomew, a retired engineer and efficiency expert, found the solution to the frustrations of most gardeners. His revolutionary system is simple: it's an ingenious planting method based on using square foot blocks of garden space instead of rows. Gardeners build up, not down, so there's no digging and no tilling after the first year. And the method requires less thinning, less weeding, and less watering.

"I found a better way to garden, one that's more efficient, more manageable, and requires less work," Bartholomew explains. Not surprisingly, his method quickly received worldwide recognition and has been written up in every major newspaper and gardening magazine. His book, which served as the companion to the nationally acclaimed television series, has sold over 800,000 copies. Now freshened with new illustrations, the book Ingram calls "the largest selling garden book in America" is reissued for the delight of a whole new generation of gardeners.

Square Foot Gardening Avis

"The book is great and the method is even better." --Bob Thomson, host of Victory Garden

"Top 10 Gardening Best-Seller." --Publishers Weekly

"This is a good, competent gardening book, well written and sensibly presented." --Library Journal

"How to get more from less is one of life's major challenges today. Here is a book that does just that for those with a hoe..." --Booklist

"Bartholomew is a welcome presence..." --Kirkus Reviews

"This amazing discovery truly makes gardening fun and easy." --Mike Levey, host of Amazing Discoveries

"The approach is fascinating. It's new, different and very innovative." --Long Island Horticultural Society

"It's one of the few garden books that offers something new to the reader." --Christian Science Monitor

À propos de Mel Bartholomew

MEL BARTHOLOMEW, a retired businessman and engineer, found the answer to the frustrations of most gardeners with his square foot gardening method, which has received worldwide acclaim. He also created the non-profit Square Foot Gardening Foundation to promote easy gardening methods for people around the world. He lives in Utah.

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Square Foot Gardening Mel Bartholomew
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