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Brave New Words Kerry Maxwell

Brave New Words par Kerry Maxwell

Brave New Words Kerry Maxwell

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The perfect gift for language lovers everywhere

Brave New Words Résumé

Brave New Words: A Language Lover's Guide to the 21st Century Kerry Maxwell

This quirky, small-format gift book provides an introduction to more than 200 of the latest additions to the ever-expanding English lexicon. Featuring one word per page together with a brief explanation and an example of usage, listings include such gems as 'denture venturer' (the older adventure traveller), 'textual harassment' (persistently insulting someone by text message) and 'blamestorming' (using a meeting to discuss who is responsible when something has gone wrong). This simple concept book provides both a fun gift and an interesting talking point sure to please word enthusiasts everywhere.

À propos de Kerry Maxwell

Kerry Maxwell has an MA in Linguistics from the University of Manchester. She has worked in linguistic research and on a number of leading English dictionaries as a lexicographer, editor and grammar consultant. As well as being the author of the Macmillan English Dictionary website's 'Word of the Week' column ( Kerry regularly writes for MED Magazine and co-authors grammar reference material for OneStopEnglish. She lives in York with her husband.

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Brave New Words: A Language Lover's Guide to the 21st Century Kerry Maxwell
Occasion - Très bon état
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