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Utopias of One par Joshua Kotin

Utopias of One Joshua Kotin

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Utopias of One Résumé

Utopias of One Joshua Kotin

Utopias fail. Utopias of one do not. They are perfect worlds. Yet their success comes at a cost. They are radically singular--and thus exclusive and inimitable. Utopias of One is a major new account of utopian writing. Joshua Kotin examines how eight writers--Henry David Thoreau, W. E. B. Du Bois, Osip and Nadezhda Mandel'shtam, Anna Akhmatova, Wallace Stevens, Ezra Pound, and J. H. Prynne--construct utopias of one within and against modernity's two large-scale attempts to harmonize individual and collective interests: liberalism and communism. The book begins in the United States between the buildup to the Civil War and the end of Jim Crow; continues in the Soviet Union between Stalinism and the late Soviet period; and concludes in England and the United States between World War I and the end of the Cold War. The book, in this way, captures how writers from disparate geopolitical contexts resist state and normative power to construct perfect worlds--for themselves alone. Utopias of One makes a vital contribution to debates about literature and politics, presenting innovative arguments about aesthetic difficulty, personal autonomy, and complicity and dissent. The book also models a new approach to transnational and comparative scholarship, combining original research in English and Russian to illuminate more than a century and a half of literary and political history.

Utopias of One Avis

Truly global in perspective and local in detail . . . Kotin's Utopias of One breaks a new path in conceiving a writer's utopian position as a form of political resistance. . . . The book has great appeal for readers and researchers of utopian literature, and it could also have far-reaching impact on empire studies.---Feng Dong, Critical Inquiry
Joshua Kotin's book offers a smart and sophisticated account of one mode of modern utopian thought and practice.---Jonathan Flatley, Slavic Review
Kotin offers many gripping insights. . . . For those interested in the trajectories that often profound disillusionment took, particularly through the medium of poetry, this is an engaging and provocative study.---Gregory Claeys, Modern Philology
[F]or those who are interested in attaining an expanded understanding of the political potential of Thoreau's writings, Utopias of One will be a welcome addition to the body of Thoreau scholarship---David Faflik, Thoreau Society

À propos de Joshua Kotin

Joshua Kotin is assistant professor of English at Princeton University and an affiliated faculty member in the university's Program in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies.

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Utopias of One Joshua Kotin
Occasion - Très bon état
Princeton University Press
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