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A Dictionary of Sociology John Scott

A Dictionary of Sociology par John Scott

A Dictionary of Sociology John Scott

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A dictionary of sociology which is aimed at advanced students and teachers.

A Dictionary of Sociology Résumé

A Dictionary of Sociology John Scott

This wide-ranging and authoritative book is the most informative sociology dictionary available of its kind. Compiled by a team of sociological experts, it is packed with over 2,500 entries. All the entries are elaborated with clear descriptions and in-depth analysis, making even the most complicated subjects easy to understand. Real-life examples are given wherever possible. Coverage is extensive, and includes terms from the related fields of psychology, economics, anthropology, philosophy and political science. The editors are both experts in the field of sociology. The first two editions of the dictionary, edited by Professor Gordon Marshall sold over 100,000 copies in paperback, making it the most established dictionary in its field. This new edition, edited by Professor John Scott, has been revised to bring the dictionary completely up to date, while retaining the concise, clear editorial quality of the previous editions. New features include boxed-in entries covering key aspects of sociology, and weblinks to quality sociological websites. New entries cover everything from adaptation to orientalism.This up-to-date edition also contains a range of new biographies covering key figures, such as Gilles Deleuze and Erich Fromm. This book is both an invaluable introduction to sociology for beginners, and reading for more advanced students and teachers.


A-Z Dictionary; APPENDIX; Useful Websites

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A Dictionary of Sociology John Scott
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