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Words in the Mind Jean Aitchison

Words in the Mind par Jean Aitchison

Words in the Mind Jean Aitchison

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This work discusses the structure and content of the human word-store or mental lexicon, with particular reference to the spoken language of native English speakers. This edition contains substantial additions and revisions. There are two new chapters and others have been expanded.

Words in the Mind Résumé

Words in the Mind: An Introduction to the Mental Lexicon Jean Aitchison

This book deals with words, and how humans learn them, remember them, understand them and find the ones they want. It discusses the structure and content of the human word-store or 'mental lexicon' with particular reference to the spoken language of those with English as their native language. Since the first two editions of Words in the Mind were published, work on the lexicon has expanded quickly. This growth is reflected in this third edition, which contains substantial new material. There is an extra chapter on layering and meaning change, and several others have been considerably enlarged. The notes and suggestions for further reading have been updated, and many new references have been included. The book remains accessible in style and easy to read for both undergraduates and non-specialists.


Preface. Part I: Aims and Evidence: 1. Welcome to Dictionopolis+ACE- The Human Word-store. 2. Links in the Chain. Assessing the Evidence. 3. Programming Dumbella. Modelling the Mental Lexicon. Part II: Basic Ingredients: 4. Slippery Customers. Attempts to Pin down the Meaning of Words. 5. Bad Birds and Better Birds. Prototype Theories. 6. Whispering Chambers of the Imagination. Prototypes as Mental Models. 7. The Primordial Atomic Globule Hunt. The Search for Semantic Primitives. 8. Word-webs. Semantic Networks. 9. Lexical All-sorts. Parts of Speech. 10. Verb-power. The Role of Verbs. 11. Bits of Words. The Internal Architecture of Words. 12. Taking Care of the Sounds. Dealing with the Sound Patterns. Part III: Newcomers: 13. Interpreting Ice-cream Cones. Extending Old Words. 14. Globbering Mattresses. Creating New Words. 15. What is a Bongaloo, Daddy? How Children Learn the Meaning of Words. 16. Aggergog Miggers, Wips and Gucks. How Children Cope with the Sound Structure of Words. Part IV: The Overall Picture: 17. Seeking and Finding. Selected Words. 18. Organized Guesswork. Recognized Words. 19. Odd Arrangements and Funny Solutions. The Organization of the Mental Lexicon. 20. Last Word. Final Comments and Future Questions. Abbreviations and Symbols. Notes and Suggestions for Further Reading. References. Acknowledgements. Index.

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Words in the Mind: An Introduction to the Mental Lexicon Jean Aitchison
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