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Tory Boyz James Graham

Tory Boyz par James Graham

Tory Boyz James Graham

État - Très bon état

Tory Boyz Résumé

Tory Boyz James Graham

I just remember, even as a, as a young . . . man, not even man, just a boy . . . when nothing makes sense, and youre not sure who you are . . . the idea of the strength of the person that stands alone, carves their own path . . . of it not being who you are or where youre from but what you do. Sam, a working-class northern lad, is a Tory researcher working in the office of an education minister. His colleagues know that he's gay, but aware of his career prospects as a possible future MP, he prefers to keep it under wraps, much to the dismay of his Labour opposite number, James, who is trying to keen to have a relationship with him. Has Sam got any chance of rising through the Tory ranks if he comes out of the closet completely? Discovering that he is working in the same office in which Ted Heath originally began his career inspires Sam to research the man and the rumours about his sexuality. Through juxtaposing two careers Ted Heaths and that of the young, modern Tory researcher Graham questions whether sexuality matters in today's political world and, if it does, then why. Tory Boyz was first performed by the National Youth Theatre Company at Soho Theatre, London, on 21 July 2008. This edition contains the updated script from 2013 as well as an introduction by Anthony Banks, director and Associate Director for National Theatre Learning.

Tory Boyz Avis

The play . . . captures well the contradictions of the modern Tory party where careerist young toffs . . . co-exist with working-class idealists . . . The former even mocks the latter for being "one of them", meaning people who want to make things better. * Guardian *
Grahams play is about appearance and reality, about how politics is about knowing that what doesnt have to be said, doesnt have to be mended, and how, if everything is abandoned in the quest for power, then there is nothing even love left at all. * Telegraph *
A lively, believable picture of private party politics * Metro *

À propos de James Graham

James Graham won the Catherine Johnson Award for the Best Play 2007 for Eden's Empire. His previous plays include Albert's Boy, Little Madam, Tory Boy, The Man, The Whisky Taster, Sons of York, and This House. James is writer-in-residence at the Finborough Theatre and also writes for TV and film.


Foreword by James Graham; introduction by Anthony Banks; play text.

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Tory Boyz James Graham
Occasion - Très bon état
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