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Syntactic Theory Geoffrey Poole

Syntactic Theory par Geoffrey Poole

Syntactic Theory Geoffrey Poole

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This text emphasizes theory building and hypothesis testing as it develops and motivates Chomsky's Principles and Parameters framework. There are in-text exercises at every stage of the theory development process and every chapter concludes with an Open Issue to encourage further exploration.

Syntactic Theory Résumé

Syntactic Theory Geoffrey Poole

Syntactic Theory provides an ideal vehicle for teaching students logical and critical reasoning and how to conduct scientific inquiry generally. Students have the opportunity to learn the importance of formal statements and definitions, hypothesis-testing and falsification and the need for independent motivation, whilst demonstrating and testing the developing theory virtually instantaneously. The textbook develops and motivates Chomsky's Government and Binding Theory framework. The initial chapters guide the student through introductory topics such as X'-Theory, Transformations, and elementary Binding Theory. For students needing a bridge to the primary literature, later chapters cover more advanced topics, which form the core empirical background to contemporary research, including the Empty Category Principle and the Split Infl hypothesis. The engaging, informal style makes the most difficult topics clear and accessible, and the liberal use of in-text exercises engage students at every stage of the theory-development process. An Open Issue at the end of every chapter encourages students to see themselves as active participants in a research community.

À propos de Geoffrey Poole

GEOFFREY POOLE is Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He received his PhD in Linguistics from Harvard University in1996. He is the author of various articles on phrase structure and conditions on movement.


Introduction Phrase Structure Functional Categories Theta-Theory and Case Theory Introduction to Binding Theory Movement and Chains Logical Form The Binding Theory and Empty Categories The Empty Category Principle Verb Raising and the Analysis of Infl References Index

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Syntactic Theory Geoffrey Poole
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