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The Other Self Dimitris Tziovas

The Other Self par Dimitris Tziovas

The Other Self Dimitris Tziovas

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This study provides literary analysis of some of the most celebrated Greek novels of the 19th and 20th centuries, focusing on the issues of identity, autobiography and social determinism raised in these texts.

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The Other Self: Selfhood and Society in Modern Greek Fiction Dimitris Tziovas

The Other Self is the first English-language, book-length literary analysis of some of the most celebrated Greek novels of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A must read for anyone interested in Greek literature and culture, it offers both a solid introduction to modern Greek literature and close reading of individual texts. Author Dimitris Tziovas focuses on the issues of identity, autobiography, and social determinism raised in these texts, providing a fresh perspective and suggesting new ways of exploring forms of engagement between self and society. Greek narratives of self, Tziovas suggests, are not naked and transparent presentations of existence, but articulations of the relationship between the individual and the social world; they are negotiations of the past through the otherness of the present. A compelling demonstration of the richness and complexity of modern Greek fiction, The Other Self provides exciting and challenging interpretations of Greek literature and Greek society.

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Scholars and students but also members of the wider public who have an interest in the literature of Modern Greece will welcome the publication of this pioneering work which casts new light on some important aspects and stages of the development of modern Greek Literature related to its immediate socio-historical context. . . . This is a very interesting book in which painstaking scholarship, lightly worn, illuminates a two-century literature and a topical cultural phenomenon. . . this is an excellent book which can be recommended to the student and general reading public alike. * Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies *
This is a book that deserves to be read and taken seriously. Not only is it informative about a little-known area of modern European literature, but it also sets high standards and establishes a secure point of reference for future studies. * The Journal of Hellenic Studies *

À propos de Dimitris Tziovas

Dimitris Tziovas is Professor of Modern Greek Studies at the University of Birmingham, the United Kingdom.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 National Imaginary, Collective Identity, and Individualism in Greek Fiction Chapter 3 Palaiologos's O Polypathis: Picaresque (Auto)biography as a National Romance Chapter 4 Selfhood, Natural Law, and Social Resistance in The Murderess Chapter 5 A Hero Without a Cause: Self-Identity in Vasilis Arvanitis Chapter 6 The Poetics of Manhood: Genre and Self-Identity in Freedom and Death Chapter 7 Tyrants and Prisoners: Narrative Fusion and the Hybrid Self in The Third Wedding Chapter 8 Defying the Social Context: Narratives of Exile and the Lonely Self Chapter 9 Fool's Gold and Achilles' Fiancee: Politics and Self-Representation Chapter 10 Moscov Selim and The Life of Ismail Ferik Pasha: Narratives of Identity and the Semiotic Chora Chapter 11 Afterword

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The Other Self: Selfhood and Society in Modern Greek Fiction Dimitris Tziovas
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